October 22, 2020

Review & Giveaway: The Bone Carver by Monique Snyman!


The Bone Carver
by Monique Snyman
Genre: Young Adult, Horror
Publication: October 20th, 2020

For a small New England town, Shadow Grove has an uncanny ability to attract the worst kind of trouble. Not that the residents are too concerned about the various horrors living among them.

As the leaves change color and the weather grows colder, a foul presence is making itself known by leaving peculiar gifts for the students of Ridge Crest High. At first, the presents seem harmless—and a rash of accidents seem coincidental—but when seniors Rachel Cleary and her Scottish cousin, Dougal Mackay, find a boneless body in the boiler room, things take an ominous turn.

Something vicious is on the loose in Shadow Grove, but with Orion Nebulius gone, Rachel has little hope of anyone getting out alive.



About the Author

Monique Snyman’s mind is a confusing bedlam of glitter and death, where candy-coated gore is found in abundance and homicidal unicorns thrive. Sorting out the mess in her head is particularly irksome before she’s ingested a specific amount of coffee, which is equal to half the recommended intake of water for humans per day. When she’s not playing referee to her imaginary friends or trying to overdose on caffeine, she’s doing something with words—be it writing, reading, or editing.

Monique Snyman lives in Pretoria, South Africa, with her husband and an adorable Chihuahua. She’s the author of the Bram Stoker Award® nominated novel, THE NIGHT WEAVER, which is the first installment in a dark fantasy series for young adults.



There is just something about the atmosphere that Snyman creates that just works for this time of year!

I really enjoyed The Bone Carver as a nice companion to The Night Weaver. I will say that I wish the two had been connected more, because it kind of felt like a whole new world with the same characters. However, that's not so much a complaint, because I really like the characters she has created! Rachel, Dougal, and Mrs. Crenshaw were always a fun group to read about, and I loved the addition of Mercia.

I personally really appreciate the way Snyman has woven the fae world into the fictional town of Shadow Grove. I'm not a big fan of fae. As a lover of fantasy I'm probably in the minority on that, but it's just not my thing. However in this case it feels like a compliment to the story, rather than the focal point, and I like that.

Overall, this is the perfect book to read in October, especially during these times. It was a nice escape. 



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