September 29, 2020

Tour & Promo Events Invitation - The Christmas Spirit by Alexandrea Weis!


The Christmas Spirit
by Alexandrea Weis
Publication: October 27th


Courtney Winston is a writer on a deadline. Eager to finish her book and get over a recent break-up, she ditches Christmas with her family and retreats to a secluded cabin in the mountains.

Appliances rarely work, and cell service is spotty, but Courtney senses there is more to her rustic rental—something dark and haunting.

Then Peter, the attractive Stone Mountain Lodge owner, and a meddling cook, Mrs. Finn, keep coming around, shattering her peace and offering advice on how to fix her heavy heart.

Courtney grows closer to Peter, but Mrs. Finn warns her of his troubled past. Undaunted, Courtney sets out to win him over. But being with the brooding stranger may end up costing her more than she ever imagined.
Teaser Blasts
We will be sharing teasers as a countdown to release day (October 27th) for THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT! They will be sized for Instagram but you can share on any platform. A Rafflecopter will be prepared for you to share your links as extra entries, with a new entry option added as each date comes around.

Teaser Blast: November 19th
Teaser Blast: November 30th
Teaser Blast: December 2nd
Teaser Blast: December 7th
Release Blast: October 27th
HTML content will be provided for bloggers, but you can share her release on any platform. You will be able to submit your links as extra entries for the giveaway.
Twitter & IG Blast: October 29th
Teasers will be provided to share on Twitter & Instagram. You will be able to submit your links as extra entries for the giveaway.
Blog Tour: November 16th - 20th
Promotional and Review spots available!

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