May 08, 2017

Review: Make Me (Sterling Shore #10) by C.M. Owens

Make Me (Sterling Shore #10)
By C.M. Owens
ebook 330 pages
Published January 30, 2017

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I'm a mature and very pragmatic person, whom others like to call boring. 
At least I was...until Harley came back into town... 

What do you do when a girl comes back for some petty revenge against you and seduction is part of her game? 
You pretend to be a millionaire dom, of course. sounded better in theory. My execution keeps ending up in awkward messes, and this game between us gets even messier when I learn more about Harley. She's easy to fall for, even though she's hazardous as hell. 
What happens when all the games end? 

One simple little goal turns into one giant disaster. 
On the surface, Dale Sterling seemed like an asshole from my past; the typical arrogant guy who boulders through life and anyone in his way. So a little revenge seemed plausible, considering what he did to me once upon a long time ago. In hindsight, it was immature. But revenge has kept me on top of the world since I stopped being on the bottom of everyone's shoes, so I make no apologies for my immaturity. 
But Dale is weirdly kinky... 
Everything is going fine...until it gets real. Now the guy I wanted to humiliate is the same guy I'm begging my heart not to stupidly fall in love with. 
Unfortunately, my heart tends to be stubborn. 

*Can be read as a stand-alone 
*Sexual content 
*Adult language

I wanted to talk about Make Me because I'm gearing up to May 8, when Taming a Maverick goes live. I actually love this whole series. I'm not sure I've laughed through so many books in one series. With that, on to talking specifically about Make Me.

Dale, I love him. He's the more practical cousin in this series. He's calm, cool, and laid back. Until he runs back into Harley, that is. Then he thinks it'd be a good idea to pretend he's a Dom. This is where all the hilarious begins. I'm not sure you'd believe the things that happen when a guy who has no clue what being a dom entails, tries to pretend he knows what he's doing. But it's laugh out loud funny.

Harley comes back to Sterling Shore to settle a couple of scores. One involves family. The other involves Dale Sterling. They went to high school together, and Dale unknowingly caused a bunch of drama for Harley for the remainder of her time in high school. Well, actually, all the Sterling boys did, but she took the brunt of the abuse. But, she runs into him again, and all of the confidence she's gained since high school just flies out the window.

Add the usual SS suspects, and Dale pretending to be a Dom, and you've got 330 pages of hilarious. Now, Maverick is next. I can only imagine Salem is going to run him through the ringer. I can't wait.

You can find the Sterling Shore series, and other titles by C.M. Owens here

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