January 04, 2016

Chapter Reveal: ENSLAVED by N.W. Harris (Blog Tour & Giveaway)

Genre: YA, post-apocalyptic
SeriesThe Last Orphans #3
Publication: Coming December 29th, 2015
by Clean Teen Publishing

If he loses her, he’ll lose his will to fight.

Shane and his friends survive the first major attack against the enemy, destroying the alien ships that came to harvest the children of Earth and turn them all into slaves. However, one ship escaped, and the aliens have captured Kelly. Shane will do whatever it takes to save her, but turning his back on his friends could jeopardize the whole mission.

The enemy invades Kelly’s mind, turning her into a slave soldier. She’ll follow their orders, even if it means murdering her friends, including her little sister and Shane. She is helpless, trapped inside her body while it performs heinous tasks under the direction of her new masters, while her sanity and desire to live fade.

Shane returns home to make a rescue attempt, only to find Kelly commanding an army of human slave soldiers, and she’s determined to make him join her ranks. Will Shane save Kelly before she gets to her sister, or will she help the enemy enslave the rest of humanity?


     “We just lost the entire fleet,” the young admiral squealed. “You’re asking me not to contact command?”
     He paced the width of the control center, his polished white shoes clacking a rhythm that emphasized his hysteria. Sweat soaked through the armpits of his uniform, his frantic demeanor disgracing his rank and the entire officer corps. Athos resisted the urge to snatch him by his collar and give him a hard smack across his face to knock some sense into him.
     “Those were not my words,” General Athos coolly replied, struggling to hide his disgust. “I’m simply asking you to take a moment. Evaluate the situation.”
     He despised the corruption that made this child his equal in rank. Needing his support before approaching the Royals was insulting. Even worse, as long as the ship was in flight, the admiral was technically his superior.
     While finding out what happened on the other ships was high on his list, Athos had formed a bigger plan the moment the Pegasus was hatches-locked and airborne. Contacting command didn’t need to happen just yet. The breach of protocol would be overlooked in light of his revolutionizing the way they harvested slaves. However, because the ship was off planet, he couldn’t make a move without the Pegasus’ commanding officer on his side.
     The general had served the majority of his life and fought in more battles than he could remember. With every breath, he’d served Anu. He protected the home world from two invasion attempts and was instrumental in increasing the size of the empire, a rapid expansion paved with the blood of patriots and slave soldiers he’d recruited and trained. He even faced his brother in the rebellion and had helped destroy him and the entire rebel army. All before anyone had thought of cloning this whimpering creature pacing before him.

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