October 05, 2015

Review: A Shattered Heart by Tiffany King

A Shattered Heart (Fractured Lives, #2)A Shattered Heart
By Tiffany King
Published September 28th 2015
by A.T. Publishing LLC

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A Shattered Heart is the story of Kathleen "Kat" Darby who discovers that although you can run away, you can never escape the ghosts from your past.

Physically, Kat Darby walked away relatively unscathed from the tragic car accident on the night of her high school graduation. Emotionally, her scars run much deeper from the loss of two of her best friends and her longtime boyfriend, Dan. Unable to face the constant reminders of the person she thought she would love forever, Kat leaves for twelve months to study art in France before returning home to start her life again.

Life in Florida proves more difficult than Kat anticipated with remnants of the accident still lingering. The only solace she can find is in her love for art until she runs into Brian, the younger brother of her deceased former boyfriend. Finding they can lean on eachother, Kat and Brian find comfort in their emotional common bond. When an unexpected romance develops, Kat must decide if she is willing to face the ghosts from her past in order to love again.

As always Tiffany wrote yet another book that grabbed me from the beginning and didn't let me go. A Shattered Heart is part of her "Fractured Lives" series. A couple of teens survived a horrific accident and now Tiffany is taking you on a roller coaster ride of the aftermath. This book is about one of the survivors, Kat. Kat lost her boyfriend in this accident so she became bitter and in my opinion. She had survivor's remorse. So Tiffany gives you a glimpse of her life in this book.

Losing your boyfriend and your best friend is hard. That's a given. A loss like that changes people. But what I didn't know was how messed up she was inside her head. I knew Mac was in a bad place. But it was like Kat was worst, she didn't want to get better. It's like she purposely avoided anything good in her life. She avoided her friends, a good place to live, anything that made her feel good. However, she still have to survive right, so she took on a job teaching kids. And that's where life began to change for her, I know what you're thinking. Oh the kids changed her life. No, her deceased boyfriend's brother worked there as well. And that's where things changed.

I hate to say but I absolutely LOVED Brian for Kat. He called her out on her nonsense, he didn't let her feel pity for herself or even lose her life because of his brother. Brian was there to help her pick up the pieces of her Shattered Heart. And boy did she give him a run for his money. He wasn't the little Brian she remembers. He was a grown man now, so he was mature enough to handle Kat and her ways. I LOVED me some Brian. You see their ups and downs. How their conscience gets the best of them. But overall, you get to see them overcome the odds. I love that part of the story.

This is a HEA story. Tiffany wouldn't give us anything other than that. But their "Happily Ever After" was soo good that the fact that he's her boyfriend (Deceased Boyfriend's) brother doesn't seem so taboo. You also see Mac in this book. She helps Kat too. Their friendship in fact became stronger. So that's a huge plus. And Zack, I love him. I'm sure he's going to have his own story. And I can't wait to read it!!

Need I say how much I enjoyed this story? Tiffany will forever remain on my "Must Buy" list. She never disappoints. She doesn't know how to "fail". She continues to prove that with every single book she releases. I give A Shattered Heart 5 huge stars and it's a definite Good Choice for Reading!!

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