June 18, 2015

Review: Sugarbaby by Crystal Green

by Crystal Green
Kindle Edition
Published May 19th 2015 by InterMix

Received via NetGalley

Hasn’t anyone heard the saying “nobody’s perfect”? Apparently, a lot of people in my hometown of Aidan Falls haven’t…

Don’t get me wrong. Most of the locals here are perfectly nice. But certain close-minded ex-classmates have a problem with the fact that I cheated on my jock-star football boyfriend on one drunk, stupid night. And no one likes to see a local hero embarrassed.

But everything changed when I accidentally sent a “sext” to the wrong number—and ended up sharing some flirty exchanges. So when the mysterious, sexy Noah Reeves shows up at my job, I’m a bit shocked.

You see, Noah’s a billionaire businessman who famously disappeared after a competitor kicked him out of his own family’s company. Why would he want to meet me? I don’t see anything special in the mirror.

But Noah may just be able to disprove the old adage that mirrors don’t lie…

SUGARBABY was an okay read for me. I did like the main MC, and her friends, and even felt a strong connection with her at time. Her friends were funny and I enjoyed their friendship with Jadyn. They had a great bond.

Aside from that, I had too many issues with this story. My first issue is the whole way Jadyn and Noah meet. She sends him a text by mistake, which was meant for her friend Diana. Noah writes back, and the both immediately have this “connection”. After exchanging a couple of text, he ends up at her job a couple of days later. Jadyn doesn’t really know who they are and treats them like any other customer. Of course she pieces it together and is just as curious as Noah is. I, honestly, would have been freaked out that this boy felt the need to find me, but that is just me. I also understand why he did it. Noah is bored and in hiding so, why not? He has nothing else to do, right? I think my biggest issue is that the text conversation were just so dead. There really wasn’t anything THAT exciting between the texting.

Anyway, I don’t want to give too much away. Once all this happens and things take off a bit, I actually started liking their relationship. I kept reading and was hoping for a HEA between the two. But somewhere along the way the story sort of changed. Noah decides to deal with his issues and drags Jadyn along. I feel like his entire personality changed and I no longer cared for him. In fact, I sort of got bored. Jadyn becomes like this caretaker and is always trying to help him, and in the process keeps getting hurt. To some, this makes for a perfect story. And I get it, there has to be some kind of drama. But this just wasn’t for me.

I hate writing reviews like this, and normally I don’t write a review or rate a book that I did not read until the end, but I read 90% of it and felt that I should share my thoughts. Obviously the author did something right if I was that frustrated while reading, right? LOL!

I wasn’t aware that this was a part of a series. Even though I wasn’t a fan of SUGARBABY, I did buy the first in the series, HONEYTRAP – which features different characters.

If you love NEW ADULT CONTEMP. I say give SUGARBABY a try. It wasn’t a story for me, but I am pretty sure tons of NA fans will chew this baby up. :)

2.5 Stars!

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