March 24, 2015

Want a signed/personalized copy of A Court of Thorns & Roses by Sarah J. Maas?

Good Choice Reading has teamed up with author Sarah J. Maas, and Barnes & Noble to bring you this awesome online event!

Sarah J. Maas will be signing copies of A Court of Thorns & Roses at the Barnes & Noble in Neshaminy Mall on May 5th, 2015 at 6 PM EST!!

If you cannot make it to the event, no worries! You can still order a signed/personalized copy! This is also open internationally! Woohoo!

Oh, and the best part? Sarah has agreed to also sign/personalize books in her THRONE OF GLASS series!

Before placing your order, please make sure to read ALL terms & conditions below. 

  • All books will be purchased via Barnes & Noble located in Neshaminy Mall Bensalem, PA 19020 on May 5th (RELEASE DAY).
  • All books will be signed/personalized on May 5th.
  • All books will be shipped priority mail on May 6th & 7th. Priority Mail takes 2-3 business days in the USA, and 6-10 business days (two, sometimes three weeks) International. 
  • All packages will come with free tracking number, and insured up to $50 by USPS.
  • All shipping labels will be printed via This allows me to enter your e-mail address so that you can receive tracking information via your e-mail. 
  • All packages will be shipped to the address listed on the PayPal account used to purchase your books. If your address differs from your PayPal account, please e-mail ASAP. 
  • Below it will ask for your e-mail address before check out. Please make sure to add the email address you check daily. Also, add to your contact list so that my e-mails do not land in your spam box.
  • If you would like the book personalized, please be sure to enter the name below before check out. CHECK SPELLING
  • If a name is not given, we will assume you just want the book signed by the author and not personalized.
  • Refunds are allowed, as long as the book hasn't been purchased and signed.
  • Shipping & Handling also includes all PayPal fees (2.9% + .30).
  • Please note that all 5 books are HUGE. They aren't your normal size paperbacks/hardcovers. They are very heavy and tall, so this is another reason why we're going with priority mail.  
  • Any questions or concerns can be sent to

If you would like to buy more than one book, you have to hit ADD TO CART. It will then bring you to a page showing you your shopping cart. Click on CONTINUE SHOPPING and it will bring you back to this page. 

Depending on how many books you purchase, the shipping will be added at the very end, as well as tax.





  1. Thank you so much for hosting this option!!! I live on the West Coast, and I was sad that Ms. Maas couldn't make it out this way this time (which is totally understandable - she can't go everywhere, unfortunately). So I had just shrugged it off as not an option to get a personalized copy of ACOTAR. But now, you just made my whole month! I am so excited that I will be able to get a personalized copy, even though I won't be able to make it out to an event personally. Thank you so very much for offering this option, and please pass along my most sincere gratitude to Ms. Maas for her willingness to sign these books! YAY!!!

    1. You're welcome! :) This is the reason why I love doing these online events. So happy you were able to get a book. <3

  2. Aaah, THANK YOU SO MUCH for opening this up internationally! I was incredibly sad (and mopey) to have missed your previous online event where signed and personalised copies of Sarah's books were available, but now I can get it, and just after my birthday too!!! I can't wait!
    I have a question though: If I want all 5 books (which I totally do), do I fill up the form 5 times? Or fill up the form once and email you requesting additional books? Do let me know.
    And thank you (and Sarah) again for this opportunity. <3

    1. Yes :( unfortunately you have to add to cart each time :(

      And you're welcome! :)

  3. As a Sarah J Maas fan (and a USPS employee), I LOVE this. If I may, just because I answer this question every single day, the 2-3 business day delivery time is very nearly always accurate, however, it is an estimate and not a guarantee. (But seriously, almost always accurate.)

    Thanks again for basically encompassing my whole heart!

    1. Hi Ashley! Thank you for sharing this. I haven't had any issues yet (except for the storm we had a couple of weeks ago that slowed shipping down) but I always try and let them know this. I do know international can take longer than 6-10 business days, which is why I put two sometimes three weeks above. USPS has been great so far. :)

  4. Thank you very much for opening this event in international because France is so far from USA.

  5. So we have until May 5th to purchase the books to have them signed and personalized?

    1. No. Sales close April 22nd. May 5th is the day Sarah J. Maas will be signing the books at Barnes & Noble.

  6. If I already made one order a few weeks ago and want to order another book, is it too late to do combined shipping?

  7. Hello

    I ordered a personlised signed copy and my name was spelled correctly when I placed the order, but when I checked my statement of my order I saw that the "è" in my name changed to some strange symbol. Will this technical issue influence the spelling of my name in the book?


  8. Can I ask what you mean by the books being huge? Does that mean they wouldn't match any of the original hardcovers of the books? So if I was to buy Assassin's Blade it wouldnt be the same size as my hardovers of Throne Of Glass and Crown Of Midnight?


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