March 06, 2015

Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: SAVE ME by Eliza Freed!

Save Me by Eliza Freed
Series: Lost Souls #3
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

"You need to be careful with perfection. It's brilliant at hiding its flaws."

Having lost everything she holds dear—and then some—Charlotte O'Brien had almost given up hope. Until an unepexted love opened her heart to the possibility of second chances. But now, will Charlotte be brave enough to take the risk that love be enough to save her wounded soul?

The stunning conclusion to Eliza Freed's provocative Lost Souls series.

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First, I'm just going to say that I just knew this book was going to gut me, somehow. I knew it! So continutes the journey of Charlotte, Noble, and Jason. It's not a pretty journey. If I'm being honest here, it's actually quite heart breaking.

I feel like I need to say that this is probably one of the best triangle books I've ever read. I usually end up hating the heroine in these type of books, because no, I do not believe you can love two men at once. Real life or otherwise. I also find that I generally want to kick the female lead in the head for being so careless with the feelings of another person. That being said, I would have to say I would be wrong about that line of thinking with this book. The feels in this book, whew. I feel like Save Me would have been much easier for me to read if Charlotte was being selfish, or if she didn't really love both Noble and Jason. Because if that were the case I wouldn't be so torn about how I'm feeling about this last book in the series. I've been torn from the beginning, though. This is a tough review, because these kind of stories aren't for me. At the same time, the way Ms. Freed was able put so much emotion and feeling into her characters and into this story is something to be admired. I'm not going to lie here, I didn't much care for the ending to this series, but I'm also not sure things could have ended in any other way. 

I will say this, Save Me may not have been the best book for me to read, but I KNOW there will be people that will absolutely adore it. The book is written so well, and with so much emotion. You will need your tissue. If you enjoy love triangles that are so much more complicated than just a simple triangle, or you enjoy stories that you can practically feel the emotion coming at you straight from the pages, then I would definitely recommend this book. 


About the Author

Eliza Freed graduated from Rutgers University and returned to her hometown in rural South Jersey. Her mother encouraged her to take some time and find herself. After three months of searching, she began to bounce checks and her neighbors began to talk; her mother told her to find a job.

She settled into Corporate America, learning systems and practices and the bureaucracy that slows them. Eliza quickly discovered her creativity and gift for story telling as a corporate trainer and spent years perfecting her presentation skills and studying diversity. It’s during this time she became an avid observer of the characters we meet and the heartaches we endure. Her years of study have taught her laughter is the key to survival, even when it’s completely inappropriate.

She currently lives in New Jersey with her family and a misbehaving beagle named Odin. An avid swimmer, if Eliza is not with her family and friends, she’d rather be underwater. While she enjoys many genres, she has always been a sucker for a love story…the more screwed up the better.



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