January 27, 2015

Blog Tour Interview & Giveaway: Burdened by Peiri Ann!

Title: Burdened
Author: Peiri Ann
Series: Burdened #1
Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance

(Warning: Burdened contains mature content and strong language some may not find appropriate for readers under the age of 17.)

Eighteen-year-old Tracey Warren is a ‘run-of-the-mill’ high school student on the verge of graduation. She has her friends and her fun; she has life all figured out. Or she thought she did.

Her pedestrian reality crashes around her after an innocuous touch from a diabolically handsome stranger. Just one touch from Nathan Newcomb and her head and her world spins out of control. Soon she discovers that the only cure for the uneasy feelings and pain is Nathan himself. A man whose very existence balances between violent chaos and rigidly controlled dangers.

Nathan knows that the life of a woman mated to a burdened Sephlem is destined for peril beyond a human’s reckoning. But Tracey calls to his desire to experience love in spite of the hazards. And Nathan’s impossibly potent magnetism draws Tracey into a bonding that will put her in mortal danger again and again.

Once the pair becomes one, the threat escalates and nowhere is safe. There are enemies that lurk behind every corner. But the greatest danger may be in the bloodlines that course through Nathan’s veins.

Can a love for all time survive or will their burdened souls surrender and fade away?



About Peiri

Peiri Ann is author of the new released A Burdened Novel. She has been writing since childhood with her short stories and poetry published in school publications. She fell in love with the creation of new worlds and the people she imagined would live within them. Peiri has her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and English and in Psychology. You can find her in the heart of the Windy City reading, writing, enjoying the loves of life.



1. Tell us a little about yourself and your latest/upcoming release.
        I’m quick to call my life boring and say I don’t do much. But when I tell people I work a job, go to school, am a mom, a church going girl, and a writer. They either walk away or go silent. I still say I’m boring but I do a lot of exploring in my mind and in books. I’ve recently released book 2 of my series A Burdened Novel. Book 1 released back in April of 2014. It’s a crossover paranormal romance that’s not your average paranormal and totally not your average romance.

2. Do you read reviews of your books? What do you do when you read a not-so-nice one?
       I do read my book reviews because I’m curious. When I read a not-so-nice review my first thought is usually ‘aw, they hated it.’ Even though no one has ever said that. Then I = breathe and say, well at least they said it was interesting. And move on. I had it set in my mind before I released my first book. Ann, everyone is not going to like the golden eggs you lay. So what… you can’t please the world.

3. What's the one piece of technology you can't live without?
       PHONE!! I’d die without it.

4. Who is your literary hero?
       Colleen Hoover, she totally understands me. Though we have never had a conversation…ever. But seriously… she gets me.

5. If you could choose one book cover to put on your wall as a poster, what would it be?
       The “The Return” cover by JLA with Drew on it. “Ugh” Right above my bed.

6. Do you find it hard to kill off your characters?
       Sometimes, if didn’t start the book thinking I was going to kill them off and it comes to me right before I choose to, I shed tears.

7. What's your favorite thing to do when you're not writing?
       Going to the theater to check out a new movie with my daughter. She’s only six but she gets super into it. I mean, she cried during Annie…

8. Who would you cast for a movie/TV series as your main characters if given the chance?
       Mackenzie Mauzy.

9. Can you share a teaser of Burdened with our readers?

No guy has ever knocked me unconscious…
Then there was Nathan…
A Burdened…Demon…Sephlem, with a touch that took me to another world. A world where he was my atmosphere and I was her core. A world that was audacious, lascivious, and pernicious.
…His World.

10. If you could pick a soundtrack to match your main characters life, what would it be?
1.     Demons: Imagine Dragon
2.     Crazy: Kat Dahlia
3.     Safe and Sound: Capital Cities
4.     Permanent: David Cook
5.     Find You: Zedd
6.     Beggin For Thread: Banks
Under the Table: Banks
(this song explains exactly what Nathan and Tracey experience)
7.     Drowning: Banks
8.     Beauty and the Beast: Stevie Nicks
9.     I Choose You: Sara Bareilles
10.   Kiss Me: Ed Sherran
11.   Magic: Cold Play
12.   Almost Is Never Enough: Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes
13.   Come A Little Closer: Cage the Elephant
A Sky Full of Stars: Cold Play
Can't Help Falling In Love With You: Ingrid Michaelson


Cat or Dog? Dog
Ice cream or Sorbet? Ice cream
Heels or flats? Heels
Knives or sword? Sword
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Iced tea or hot tea? Hot tea
Snow or rain? Rain
Movies at home or Movie Theater? Movie Theater
Soda or Juice? Juice
Twitter or Facebook? Twitter
Actual book or eReader? eReader
Actual book or Audiobook? Actual book
Spring or Summer? Summer
Fall or winter? Fall
Long Sleeves or Short Sleeves? Long sleeves
Young Adult or New Adult? New Adult
Vampires or Werewolves? Vampires
Ghost or Zombies? Zombies
Action movies or Chick flicks? Action movies
Horror movies or Mystery movies? Horror movies
Mountain views or Ocean views? Mountain views



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