July 22, 2014

Review: Demon's by K.F. Breene

Demons (Darkness, #4)
Title: Demons
Author: K.F. Breene
Series: Darkness #4
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publication: July 21, 2014

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It’s been a long road, but Sasha has finally claimed her role as the least knowledge mage in history. She’s also acquired a new, incredibly grumpy bodyguard, and a spunky new BFF. With her team by her side, she learns the ropes of this new profession.
Her experience level is about to be fast-tracked, however.On a routine trip to check out a perimeter breach, she encounters a hideous demon called by an experienced magic worker. It is this terrifying discovery that unlocks a deeper problem: Stefan’s troubled past and the reason he gravely mistrusts the Mata.
While Sasha struggles to fight the physical demons, Stefan struggles to fight the demons of his past. If he fails, his future in Sasha will be lost.

If you've been following this story, then you know by now that Sasha is a badass, a slightly insecure badass, but badass, none the less. You also know that Stefan is fierce, Charles is....something else, but we love him, and Jonas is just plain scary. Toa is still weird, and Dominicous is, well, Dominicous. We also get introduced to some new characters in Demons, characters that Sasha feels a kinship with.

I loved Demons. I know I said before that On a Razor's Edge was my favorite, well I liked Demons better. We get to see a different side to key characters here. Stefan, our fierce leader and scary badass, shows a bit of vulnerability. I have to say, I was a bit shocked, at first, but honestly, it made me love him even more. It shows him in a completely different light. I just love that guy, and I love the way he loves Sasha. I know that Charles is generally the comedy relief, but Jonas does a really great job of that himself in this installment. He's still scary. He's gruff, mean, grumpy, and just downright hateful, but he is completely on Sasha's side. I found it so refreshing....and absolutely hilarious when he relaxed a little bit. Toa also shows a different side of himself. He isn't nearly so self contained as he'd like everyone to believe.

Without giving away too much of the story, lets just say that Sasha has some nasty demons to take care of here. Stefan is struggling so hard with his past, that he seems to lose focus when he needs it most. We still get some Mata action, even with Stefan's distrust. Sasha is trying her hardest to fit into the role of being a leader, and Dominicous and Stefan are both trying not to step on the others toes. Dominicous also throws some pretty hefty news Sasha's way.

I feel like I'm just rambling on and on here. The point is that I loved Demons. I can't wait for the next book, and the next after that. I will happily devour anything Ms. Breene throws my way. Please tell me you've kept up with the Darkness series! Gah! It's fantastic, I don't know how many times I can say that before people will believe me. And this installment is fabulous!

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