July 17, 2014

Blog Tour: The Reality of You by Jean Haus - Review & Giveaway!

Title: The Reality of You
Author: Jean Haus
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Publication: June 26th, 2014

Naomi Porter was once witty, fun, and outgoing, but she has scratched outgoing off the list, along with men. She has a mediocre tech job in fabulous New York, a large smut book collection, and awesome friends, both tangible and in an online gaming community. She just doesn’t date. A future filled with cats and housedresses beats having her heart broken again.

But Naomi still likes men, even kind of stalks—mostly fantasizes about—a gorgeous one at work during lunch.

Her best friend, Kara, is determined that Naomi will be outgoing again. When Kara finds out who, as in a notorious playboy, Naomi is stalking at lunch, she plans to break Naomi of her lunchtime habit and bring her back into the real world. It’s just going to take a bit of deception.

Between all the deceiving, fangirling, and bumbling, Naomi might not be able to resist the temptation of turning her seven-month fantasy into reality. And really, so what if he’s a playboy or a demanding jerk? Her fantasies don’t include love or even like, just a bed or a couch or the back seat of a limo…

Reality might be just what she needs.

*A sexy romantic comedy intended for audiences 18+

Naomi is a loner, she keeps to herself and sticks to her fantasies. She’s had her heart broken too many times to take another chance, so, she plays online video games, and leads an otherwise boring life. She has been secretly watching Reese Jordan, though, she didn’t know his name, everyday during her lunch hour. Secretly admiring, and pining for a man whose name she didn’t even know. Luckily, or un, depending on how you look at it, Kara, Naomi’s best friend, knows exactly who Reese is, and she doesn’t seem to be a fan.

So, in order to show Naomi Reese’s true character, she comes up with the ideal plan. Reese needs a temporary secretary for a trip to Puerto Rico, and Naomi is going to be that secretary…even though she really has no idea how to be a secretary. Things start out rocky. Truth, Reese is kind of a jerk off, without reason, it seems. Naomi eventually gets tired of his crap, but she pushes on. She just needs to finish the week and get back to admiring from afar. Until something shifts between the two, that is.

I liked Naomi. She has a great sense of humor, and she’s spunky. She has a hard time not being a bumbling fool around Reese, apparently, he’s just that sexy. As I said, in the beginning, Reese was kind of a jerk. Kara, I thought she was okay in the beginning, but, by the second half of the book, I didn’t much care for her. She redeems herself, though, and so does Reese. I do have to say, what these two did to Naomi, had it been me, fists would have been flying. At the very least, verbal warfare, followed by a bout of non-communication, for a while. They would have had to grovel…a lot, to earn any kind of acknowledgement from me again, for quite some time.

All in all, I liked the story. Good concept, great sexual tension, and humor. There were some parts where I was wondering what in the world Kara’s problem with Reese was, but it all makes sense, when it comes out. I’d recommend The Reality of You if you like a humorous read, with a quirky, yet strong heroine.


About Jean

When Jean Haus isn’t writing, she’s usually reading. Anything from young adult to historical fiction as long as there’s at least a bit of romance, she’ll load it on her kindle. She also loves to cook. And someday she will create the world’s best potsticker.



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