June 11, 2014

Review: Better When He's Bad by Jay Crownover

Better When He's Bad (Welcome to the Point, #1)Better When He's Bad
by Jay Crownover
Expected publication:
June 17th 2014 by William Morrow

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Welcome to the Point

There’s a difference between a bad boy and a boy who’s bad . . . meet Shane Baxter.

Sexy, dark, and dangerous, Bax isn’t just from the wrong side of the tracks, he is the wrong side of the tracks. A criminal, a thug, and a brawler, he’s the master of bad choices, until one such choice landed him in prison for five years. Now Bax is out and looking for answers, and he doesn’t care what he has to do or who he has to hurt to get them. But there’s a new player in the game, and she’s much too innocent, much too soft…and standing directly in his way.

Dovie Pryce knows all about living a hard life and the tough choices that come with it. She’s always tried to be good, tried to help others, and tried not to let the darkness pull her down. But the streets are fighting back, things have gone from bad to worse, and the only person who can help her is the scariest, sexiest, most complicated ex-con The Point has ever produced.

Bax terrifies her, but it doesn’t take Dovie long to realize that some boys are just better when they’re bad.

I'm not shocked at all that I enjoyed this book as much as I did. Hello?! Look who wrote it! Jay Crownover. Her Marked Men series is to drool for. Now that, that's said and done. If you have read any of her Marked Men series, you are going to love this book! Shane Baxter a.k.a. Bax is going to make you love him and also make you want to kick him at the same time.

Just look at that cover. It's sexy and kind of mysterious. The only complaint I have about the cover is that the model should have had a star tattooed in the corner of his eye. Because in the book, Bax has a star tattoo by his eye. I just can't remember which eye. But other than that, this guy is hot.

When you meet Bax, you're meeting his bad side. But when you meet Shane, you meet the civil, soft and loving side. And you will meet both sides. Shane is the side you'll fall in love with. And you will see that he's not at all what he portrays to be. Yes he's tough but he's more mad than anything. And right now, he's just looking for answers. But before he finds all those answers, he'll have to meet Dovie.

Dovie is his best friend's sister. She's a fiesty, outspoken,  plain looking red head that doesn't see danger unless it smacks her in face. And that infuriates Bax but also keeps him on his toes. When he says stay, she moves. When he says no, she says yes. It's an interesting chemistry. They're both looking for answers so she intends on being there whether he likes it or not.

I enjoyed Better When He's Bad. It's falls perfectly into the New Adult genre. The dilemmas and situations in this book is a lot different from the other NA's I've read. But what I didn't like is how quickly they jumped into a sexual relationship and how quickly they fell for each other. However, by the end of the book they did have me rooting for them. So I will be continuing this series for sure. I can't wait for the next installment. I'm pretty sure it's the best friend's book, Dovie's brother.

I give Better When He's Bad a 4 stars and a definite Good Choice for Reading!

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  1. Sounds like a great book! I've been meaning to read it but I have so many on my TBR I haven't had the chance yet :)


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