January 19, 2014

Review: Tragically Flawed by A.M. Hargrove

Tragically Flawed 
By A.M. Hargrove
Published September 19th 2013


* This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance with Mature content that is not suitable for younger readers.

Riviera Benson’s past has been nothing but horrific. It’s filled with secrets that she intends to keep tightly locked away...terrifying secrets that keep her awake at night...that prevent her from getting close to anyone...anyone that is, until her work as a muralist drives her into the arms of the hot and sexy Shan.

Benjamin Shandon, owner of Shandon Homes, works like a thousand demons are chasing him...because perhaps they are. His business has boomed, ever since the forest fire swept through the canyon and destroyed hundreds of million dollar homes. He demands excellence in everything...from his employees to his women. He slows down for nothing, keeping a schedule that no sane person would want. But Riviera interrupts everything, twisting his guts inside out, and wedging her way into his heart, destroying a promise he made to himself.

Will they let their pasts control their future, or will they decide to let go and allow their hearts to discover each other’s?

Tragically Flawed was the first novel I've read by A.M. Hargrove and OH MY GOODNESS! It starts out completely unexpected and I almost put it down because I wasn't ready for the direction it started in.

Riviera Benson (loved her name, by the way) is a talented painter, in a new town and becomes involved with her new boss, Benjamin Shandon (aka Shan). She's a girl with a crazy past and as always it catches up with her.

I was iffy on this one for sure. The cover wasn't one I would normal be drawn to, but the girl was pretty so I gave it a shot. So glad I did! Riviera was spunky and really didn't take anyone's crap… like AT ALL. This book starts out a few months into her knowing Shan, then back peddles to before they meet then continues on from where the book started. It sounds a bit all over, but the author made it all flow together that I had no trouble keeping up. The things Riviera had to go through are a bit tough to read and are pretty graphic, so be prepared. Her relationships with Shan, her roommate, and her rival/other boss are all fun to watch unfold. The author made Riviera believable with her misuse of words, and her appreciation of the little things. There is quite a bit of action, which I haven't seen much of lately. I'd say my only issue with this one was the parts that were predictable. Unlike most books out now, this is a standalone novel.

RATING: 3 1/2 stars

Favorite line: “Riviera, a part of me wants to wrap you in my arms and protect you from the world.” -Shan

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  1. I love Hargove's writing. Always smexy fun. I'm reading one of her newest releases right now and can say this, she's getting really good at this!


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