January 10, 2014

Review: Back in the Saddle by K.F. Breene

Title: Back in the Saddle
Author: K.F. Breene
Genre: Adult Romance
Series: Jessica Brodie Diaries #1
Publication: December 10, 2013; 237 pages

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Jessica is no stranger to life giving her lemons. On the tail end of her latest bad decision, Jessica realizes she needs to make a life change. So when college finally ends, she packs up her life and heads to Texas for a fresh start. It is there she meets the most ruggedly handsome cowboy she's ever encountered. An entrepreneur with a million prospects, Jessica knows he's out of her league, but life, and an adventurous spirit, keeps driving her toward him, stumbling and laughing all the way. He can only resist her for so long.

Jessica was always a little wild through her college years, after waking up with a hangover, in a stranger's bed, she has decided enough is enough. She's ready to move to Texas for a job, and live a grown up life now. Maybe find a suitable man to have an actual relationship with. That is when she meets William, a hotter than anything rich man, who just so happens to be way out of Jessica's league. William is plays hard to get, and Jessica very nearly gives up.

I just have to say, I really enjoy K.F. Breene books. I love the way she writes. Her character's are always hilarious, and I'm generally laughing throughout the book. Jessica is a riot as far as I'm concerned. Poor William doesn't know what to think about her, other than he is extremely attracted to her, and she is poor, therefor off limits. What? Oh yeah, I totally forgot that kind of thing does still actually happen in the real world, weird. Maybe I just think it's weird because I am, and will probably always be, a poor girl. Eh well, what can ya do? Anyway, I kind of had mixed feelings about William. On the one hand, he was always a gentleman, and he was a great friend. On the other, he wasn't all that smart when it came to Jessica. She very clearly wanted him, to everyone but him. Maybe he just didn't want to see it because she was the wrong kind of girl for him to fall for. 

All of the supporting character's were fun too, except that Dusty. Now there is a piece of work for you. There was a sticky situation in this book that Jessica had to fight her way out of, and it wasn't pleasant. I realize that we all have different tastes, and something that is acceptable to read about to one person, may not be for another. That being said, I personally really enjoyed this book. If you don't mind a story with a cliff hanger, that builds the story as a whole up, and has a serious situation thrown in with quite a bit of hilariousness, this may be the book for you.

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