December 11, 2013

Review: Lost and Found by K.F. Breene

Title: Lost and Found
Author: K.F. Breene
Genre: New Adult contemporary romance
Series: Growing Pains #1
Published: September 22nd 2013; 396 pages

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On the tail-end of her ex-boyfriend crashing through a restraining order and putting her in the hospital, Krista realizes that the only way to effectively escape her past is to put distance between it. She gets her life back on track in San Francisco with a job that has limitless potential.

Unfortunately, to achieve her dreams, she must brave the star of the company; a charming and handsome salesman that isn’t used to the word no. Krista tries to run from him at every turn, but his pull continually sucks her back in; her hesitancy to trust the only thing saving her from being another notch on a bedpost.

Sean never has to try with women. He's the type of guy to jump in with both feet, get bored, and sprint right back out. But when a geeky new hire stumbles through the company, befuddling him with a keen intellect he doesn’t expect, he starts to lose his way. Before he knows it, all his efforts are concentrated around trying to capture the interest of the only woman to run when he tries to deliver a line. As she opens up, so does he, landing him in a terrain as disconcerting as it is invigorating.

Krista is a statistician who just landed her first real job after college. She has had a hard past, and is really just trying to focus on putting the pieces of herself back together and become a strong woman again. Sean is a womanizing salesman working in the same company Krista just landed in, and he wants Krista, badly.

Oh man, I really enjoyed this book. I honestly didn't have high hopes for it, it was free, and I'm a tough sell when it comes to romance, of any kind. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. Krista is beautiful, but she's also awkward and nerdy, and very deeply scarred by her past experiences with men.  She's real, well, not real, but she could be, and that's why I had such an easy time liking her. She's also hilarious, and has a mug superstition. Sean, despite the womanizing d-bag veneer, is actually a really likable guy. Yes, he wants Krista in a horizontal position, but he can also see what she is capable of in a work capacity. They make a great team.

I had a fun time reading this book. I love it when an author mixes comedy with more serious issues. I liked the setting as well, an advertising firm...actually I'm only about 97% sure on that part, but it is a professional office setting. The supporting characters are good times too. I  liked this first edition to the series so much, I immediately bought the second and third book. I devoured them, like I generally do good books.

I would definitely recommend this book. It has comedy, great characters, and a good story line. It's really a great story about building a strong working relationship, with a good friendship and slightly intense romantic undertones. Great Read!!

Guest reviewed by Casey

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