November 07, 2013

My time at the #HoustonBookRave!

Hey GCReaders!

(I know I forgot to mention something, or someone so I apologize in advance now. LOL!)

I finally have a moment to share with you all the craziness of Houston Book Rave this past weekend.
I arrived Friday morning and went straight to the hotel to start stuffing bags for the V.I.R members, then off to the school I went to meet up with the authors and staff members to help set up for the next day. Boy, being an event planner is a lot of work, but tons of fun! I wouldn’t take back anything.

Friday I was a bit emotional because it hit me that Trini and I really did it. For a long time we talked about this idea. We wanted to bring readers together with some of their favorite authors, and in the process introduce them to some new authors. We also wanted to keep it as cheap as possible, and make it as fun as possible. I think we did a pretty good job. ;)

We kicked off the event on Saturday morning with YA room parties. We put four to five authors in a room and readers were able to hop from room to room, take pictures, pick up swag, ask questions, and mingle with the authors for a bit. Once the YA parties were over everyone moved to the signing area where they were able to get their books signed.

Around 1:30 PM we started all over again only with New Adult authors and Adult authors. Readers jumped from room to room and then off the signing again.

It was insane! The amount of positive comments we received was just beyond everything we were expecting. We did have some little things pop up that we wish never had happened, but there was a lot more positive than negative.

The only down side to everything is that Trini and I did not have ANY time to get anything signed. We just could not fit it in. In fact, we barely had time to eat. The minute I sat down to eat a sandwich I got called outside for something. LOL! It was crazy!

My legs were on fire, and I was working on maybe four hours of sleep. By the time the after party came, I was about ready to go to bed. But then I got drunk and my body was no longer in pain. Ha! The night ended with me, Yara at Once upon A Twilight, our friend Tara, author Amalie Howard, and a reader -- who we had no idea who she was until we all got home. We were the last ones standing!!! :)

I have to thank the authors for taking time out of their schedule and coming to our event. Without them Houston Book Rave wouldn’t have happened. I got to meet Sophie Jordan for the first time, Dawn Pendleton, ToniAleo, Heidi McLaughlin, Jay Crownover, Lisa Desrochers, Mary Ting, and so many more! I was freaking out deep inside and trying to keep a straight face. LOL!

Oh, and I also landed a job as a publicist with SpencerHill Press. I am so freaking excited! LOL!

Anyway, I managed to get a couple of photos and videos, but not very many. 

Your TrinDee Team!!! 

All the prizes we gave away throughout the day! 

See our shirts? :) They were made by Lisa @ Red Carpet Endings

I am quoted on author Kristi Cook's post cards for her upcoming novel, Magnolia

 I finally got to meet Savannah @ Books With Bite!

Made an awesome friend! Tara, love ya girl! 

 I swear I am not a drunk! LOL! Author Dawn PendletonAndrea Heltsley and me.

I got to meet Chayse @ Books With Bite, too! Chayse was a trip! Huge heart! 

Some videos...

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HUGE thank you to William Marrow, Forever, Harlequin Teen, SoHo Teen for all their support.

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  1. Looks like you guys did a great job! Can't wait for your next event in NY! <3

  2. Great job!! Looks like it was so much fun. Wish I was there! Looking forward to your next event!

  3. ah that looks like a blast :) wish I could have been there.

  4. IT looks like it was an awesome time. I'm thinking of going next year to this. It looks like a lot of fun.

    Books of Love

  5. Oh man that sounds so amazing! And I am totally bookmarking the Chapter by Chapter Book Rave in New York! I don't know if I'll be able to make it, but I will definitely look into it :)


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