November 20, 2013

Review: Hard Break by Morgan Kearns

Hard Break (Deadlines & Diamonds, #5)Hard Break by Morgan Kearns
Published November 19th 2013

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All Photojournalist Ian McCallister wants is a woman to love him. Not just any woman, though, his heart wants Kayla Black. He fell for the dark-haired, blue-eyed beauty the moment she smiled…and introduced her children.

Kayla Black is living her very own Happily-Ever-After. She has three beautiful children and a man she adores. Until the day her hero of a husband straps on his badge and is struck down by a drug dealer’s bullet.

Her perfect world shattered, Kayla has no interest in moving on and is only attempting it for her children. She doesn’t want help, doesn’t need it. And she certainly doesn’t need Ian. Or does she?

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I always enjoy Morgan's books. And I jump at the chance to read an ARC of hers. But this book was a little hard for me to read. And I think it's because of Kayla's husband dying in the book. I'm an emotional type so when he was killed in the book, I felt really sad. In my eyes, I see it as a dad that won't see his kids grow up, see their milestones and so forth. 

Now, normally I'm one that's all for moving on, in due time. I hate when I see a woman who gets destroyed by divorce or the death of a spouse, especially when she has kids. I understand that mourning is something we all go through. But when it consumes someone, it's even sadder. However, for some reason it bothered me a little when Kayla did move on. I can't really explain why. I liked her character a lot and I enjoyed Ian's character too.

I know that Ian wanted to be there for Kayla. And as much as I did like him, he bothered me a bit because I felt like he was too involved. To me, it almost felt like she wasn't given enough time to mourn her husband. In my opinion, she needed some time. Now here's where I feel conflicted. Although, I do feel that Ian was too involved, he did help the kids a lot. He was there for the kids when they needed him and I did like him for Kayla. Just not right now.

I really did enjoy this book a lot and though I wasn't thrilled with Kayla moving on the way she did. I am happy she had Ian. Ian genuinely loved her kids and I know that he would do what he had to do to make them all happy. And for that I give kudos to Morgan. She wrote the relationship before Ian and the kids so well that I was able to let go off the little that I didn't like. So I do recommend this book and I'll read anything else she puts on my lap. I give Hard Break a 3.5 stars! I highly recommend you all the read the entire series!!

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