October 09, 2013

Review: The King of Ash and Bones by Rebecca Roland

The King of Ash and Bones and Other Stories
Author: Rebecca Roland
Publisher: World Weaver Press
Published: June 4, 2013
Ebook: ~80pgs

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Rebecca Roland works her magic again in this four-story collection of eerie and enchanting works, including Rasmus's story from after Shards of History. An exiled man attempts to return to the family he left behind. A sovereign whose kingdom has been reduced to ash and bones seeks to complete one last task. A man doomed to die cannot give his wife her greatest wish. A suspected affair leads to a shocking and wondrous surprise. 

Sidenote: One of the short stories in this book is part of a longer novel -- Shards of History -- read my review of Shards of History here

The King of Ashes and Bones is hands-down, one of the best collection of short stories I have ever read. I must admit, I already had a love-love relationship with Rebecca Roland after reading Shards of History, but this work just cements everything for me.

This collection of 4 short stories was nothing less than what I expected -- in a word: incredible.  There is just something about Roland's imagination that keeps the pages turning faster than I can read. Her stories are extraordinarily unique and beautifully written. In a world where most of us readers feel like we're at a point where every story is exactly the same, these will be like nothing you've ever read -- I guarantee that - and they leave you constantly wanting to read more just to see what the next page has in store for you.

This particular style also seems perfect for Roland because she has the uncanny ability to pack so much umph into such a small number of words. Her stories get right to the point and give you the sense of popping in and out of people's lives at precisely the right time -- when there's drama, intrigue and a crazy amount of suspense.

This is a quick read, and packs awesome entertainment value!

5 out of 5 stars!


  1. Nice review about the short stories

  2. I haven't read many short stories lately, and this was a nice endorsement for this one. I'm particularly caught by the idea of something truly different.


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