October 22, 2013

Review: Forgiving Lies by Molly McAdams

Paperback, 368 pages
Expected publication: October 29th 2013 by William Morrow & Company


The fabulous New York Times and USA Today bestselling New Adult author returns with a sizzling, funny, and deeply emotional tale of passion and secrets, deception and forgiveness

A matter of secrets . . .

Undercover cop Logan "Kash" Ryan can't afford a distraction like his new neighbor Rachel Masters, even if she's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. To catch a serial killer, he needs to stay focused, yet all he can think about is the feisty, long-legged coed whose guarded nature intrigues him.

A matter of lies . . .

Deceived and hurt before, Rachel would rather be a single, crazy cat lady than trust another guy, especially a gorgeous, tattooed bad boy with a Harley, like Kash. But when his liquid-steel eyes meet hers, it takes all of Rachel's willpower to stop herself from exploring his hot body with her own.

A matter of love . . .

As much as they try to keep it platonic, the friction between them sparks an irresistible heat that soon consumes them. Can Kash keep Rachel's heart and her life safe even as he risks his own? Will she be able to forgive his lies . . . or will she run when she discovers the dangerous truth?

When this book arrived at my doorstep I was so excited! I've been dying to read it for some time now.

In the beginning I had a very hard time liking Rachel's best friend, Candice. I didn't feel their friendship was real at all, and actually felt annoyed and frustrated with Rachel for even being friends with her. I found Candice to be self-centered, naive, and childish. I did not think she was a good friend and also felt Rachel should have stepped away from her from the very beginning. Unfortunately, though, that would have taken away a lot of the drama in the story. I actually almost gave up reading it after about seven chapters.

But I decided to keep reading and moved past my dislike for Candice because the romance between Rachel and Kash was everything I like in a romance novel.

Rachel and Kash start off on a rough road, slowly become best friends, then lovers. I absolutely love books that give you the chance to really grasp the characters and their emotions. Forgiving Lies did just that for me.

I think I was able to enjoy this book as much as I did because it did not involve a female character running away from her past, a male character who was your typical bad boy, or characters who have always loved each other, but were too afraid to say anything. Things were not what they seemed at all.

Kash and Rachel are complete strangers who, even though they have secrets, do not push each other away every page in the book and actually aren't afraid to confide in each other. They just clicked. Molly McAdams wrote them both so well and their relationship that it was easy to fall in love with the both of them. I loved them as friends, and I loved them as a couple.

I also really liked Kash’s friend, Mason. I absolutely loved how he and Kash were there for Rachel at her worst. I hope there will be a story on Mason. He was super funny and added a lot to the story in my opinion.

I also really like Molly McAdams writing style. I laughed out loud a lot while reading.

Aside from Candice, this book was good. I am officially a fan of Molly McAdams!

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