July 11, 2013

TQOTD - Do you remember your dreams?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up trying to figure out if I was really dreaming or not. Sometimes dreams are so vivid it takes a while to get our bearings. And then, poof, we forget them later. I remember a couple of times being mad at someone and then realizing it was because they did something to me in my dream... But some dreams stick with us, whether they are funny or scary or just sad, they just stay with us.

I want to know what your subconscious thinks about while you’re fast asleep, so here’s my question of the day: Do you remember your dreams? If so, what was your last or best dream about?

Hands down my best dream involves a human sized penguin. Yes, you read that right! In my dream, I’m looking out my window while it’s raining. Outside is this human sized penguin who is waddling down the hill on the sidewalk with the moves like Jagger. The raining get heavier and suddenly there’s a river practically flowing along the gutter of the street. And what do I see? A man just floating down the "river" trying to grab something, anything... so he finally grabs the penguin and hoists himself up. WELL! The penguin does not like this (I mean, who would?) and starts to slap him across the face a few times. Then he waddles himself right back down the street like it’s nobody's business!

So that’s my random, crazy dream that still cracks me up... what’s yours??



  1. haha a human-size penguin would be awesome! Sometimes I remember mine, but I tend to forget what they were about over the course of the day. My best dream by far was that I was a hobbit living in a fancy hobbit hole.

  2. I seriously want a pet penguin now! A fancy hobbit hole? I'm picturing you having tea ; ) You should totally keep a journal by your bed for when you wake up... let me know what you next remember!

  3. I always said for years that I never dreamed because I never remember anything when I woke up about a dream. Then I had a dramatic experience in my life. The death of my 36 year old daughter and I started dreaming and talking in my self most were not of her. Then one night I dreamed my daughter and me and a priest where in a very small room and my daughter was scared because she said the lost soul hounds where coming to get her and I tried to tell her that she was safe the priest had marked her he left after making the sigb of the cross on the wall for her to see . Then we could hear the hounds coming and she held on to me very tight scared and the closer they came the more she would hold on to me. After a few you cold tell that they were moving away the sound getting a distance from the door. I took her my the hand and opened the door and showed her she has safe they were not after her she was not a lost soul. I told her to look across the way and behind glass was her sister and her sisters husband there kids and all five of her children. I said you are safe and so are they and at that time she started to rise up turning all white and disappeared. The strange part was when I woke up both my arms hurt like someone had been holding them very very tight. I dream now but only when I talk in my sleep, my sister says I talk clear and she understands all I say but don.t know what I was talking to or about and I would tell her my dream and she said yea it goes with what you were saying maybe I am just crazy. But I believe in dreams now


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