June 11, 2013

Guest Review: Shadow of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

Shadow of the Mark (Carrier, #2)

Shadow of the Mark by Leigh Fallon
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Expected publication:
July 9th 2013 by HarperTeen

Leigh Fallon’s Shadow of the Mark, the sequel to Carrier of the Mark, is a captivating love story set against the lush backdrop of Ireland.

Megan knew she was destined to be with Adam from the first moment she saw him and now they are determined to be together. But Megan and Adam are Marked Ones, and a romance between two Marked Ones is strictly forbidden…and could cause worldwide devastation.

Leigh Fallon’s Shadow of the Mark is a great choice for readers who love Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush, Hush.


Shadow of the Mark is a sequel that I can happily mark (pun intended) as successful. Sometimes sequels feel like a bridge book or don't live up to the first, but with Shadow of the Mark I thought it was just as good as the first. It's definitely a sequel where the action is amped up and the love is thrown on a crazy ride.

What I really liked about Shadow of the Mark was that I felt there was more focus on Megan and her powers versus the romance in the book. Don't get me wrong I adore romance and I love it in this book, but I felt that Leigh Fallon turned it down just enough and turned up just enough action. It was a great balance.

Oh Adam. He truly is a sweet heart and I love how much he loves Megan. Plus is water element still amazes me. I absolutely love it and think it's the coolest thing. I'm still rooting for a Adam plus Megan happily ever after! With Rían and Áine, I still adored them. I have to admit with all the new abilities Áine was developing I was actually scared she might turn evil and I was so happy I was wrong. (at least in this book I was) because Áine is one of my favorites and I adore her. Rían was definitely just as sexy in this one and I know Megan wasn't the only one feeling conflicted in her feelings because as much as I'm team Adam... I was right there with her.

Overall, Shadow Of The Mark was fantastically written. I loved all the new characters we got to meet and seeing them interact with the old ones. The twists and turns and heartbreaks are all there too, don't you worry. If you enjoyed the first book you will definitely like this one!

                       Jena from : Shortie-Says


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  2. UH-OH! I liked the first one, but I'm very sad this becomes a brother love triangle. Why can't tension come from someplace less obvious - like not a triangle at all? I may not be able to continue this series. Sad. But this is a great review!


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