June 04, 2013

#BEA13 Recap and Giveaway!

Hey GCReaders!

So I am finally home and all relaxed ready to share my experience at #BEA13 this year.

BEA week started for me on Tuesday, May 30th with a Simon and Schuster Blogger Party.

I was with Yara @ Once Upon A Twilight and Jenna @ An Avid Readers Musings. We arrived to the city a little early, had lunch, and then walked in the rain over to the party. Once we got there (thinking we killed enough time walking) we were still about half an hour early. LOL!

Once we were let in we got our badges and began mingling! They had an open bar, this awesome blogger watermelon drink, and a cute decorated stage. From what I hear they did the same thing last year, but I wasn't able to attend. The place was beautiful!

Behind the bar they had photos of some of the books they were featuring. It was really cool!

Once we were done mingling we grabbed a seat and author Suzanne Young introduced herself. She was out host for the night and interviewed authors Cat Patrick, Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian, Cory Ann HayduAmy Butler Greenfield, and Jason Reynolds. They talked about their upcoming titles, what it was like writing their books, and shared some funny moments.

I had a really good time and I am so happy I was able to attend!

More photos... (If you like us on Facebook you've already seen these LOL!)

Me and Vania (VLC Productions)

Day two at #BEA13 was a hot one, but also super fun! I swear every time BEA comes around it's like mother nature decides Oh, let's throw them some 100 degree weather!

Anyway, I checked into our hotel (because there was no way I was driving home every night) got ready and hit the streets of Manhattan. Met up with one of my favorite peeps, Trini @ A Book Lovers Review, and made our way to the HarperTeen Blogger Party. 

This year the HarperTeen party was different from last. They combined all their imprints into one. I loved this idea! Not only did we get to meet some of our favorite YA authors, but I got to meet some New Adult authors I've been reading lately. They had open bar and lots of finger food. We also got a goodie bag on the way out filled with books. There was so much going on and so many authors, the list is way to big to list. Here are some photos :) 

Leah Clifford and Me! 

Elizabeth Norris and Me! I love her! 

 Me and Cora Carmack!

Author Eve Silver and Me! 

Tuesday and Wednesday was a great BEA kick off! Thursday came and the convention started. Or should I say the craziness? ;-)

I was so exhausted from Tuesday and Wednesday that I got a little sick on Thursday. As soon as the convention ended I went back to my hotel room to rest. I missed out on The Mortal Instrument party. I know, I know... what? Am I crazy? I am bummed out I missed it, but I was so tired and lost my voice I just wanted sleep. LOL!

This year I networked a lot more than anything else at BEA. I met new bloggers (Hi Ana @ Owl Always Be Reading), made some new publisher contacts, and attended tons of publisher parties. That pretty much sums up my BEA.

I got the chance to attend a HarlequinTeen Blogger Breakfast with authors Julie Kagawa, Elizabeth Scott, Amanda Sun, and Katie McGarry. I loved the way Harlequin set everything up. You walked in, grabbed a little bite to eat, sat a table and once everyone was settled the authors basically had five minutes at each table to talk with readers and when the little bell rang they switched tables. It was so much fun! You literally had to get whatever questions you were dying to ask out ASAP before time was up.

*Sigh* That was so much fun!

Then this happened...

Kami Garcia and Me! *squee* Her dress was amazing!! 

SpencerHill Press booth! They were booming with signings! Everyone at SpencerHill is super nice! 

The autographing area! 

The authors above are not even a quarter of the authors I got to meet. 

I met...

Dawn Metcalf
Michelle Pickett
Kate Kaynak
Jessica Sorenson
Jill Shalvis
Jocelyn Davies
Susan Mallery
Jonathon Maberry
and many more! 

Wish I had taken more photos, but walking around no voice wasn't any fun :( 

I also got to attend a luncheon hosted by PenguinTeen featuring authors Melissa De La Cruz and Richelle Mead! They talked about movie updates, casting characters, what their writing day is like, and what's coming next!

And this is what I came home with... 

And I was trying to be picky and not pick up to much. Yeah... that didn't work. LOL!

And that wraps up my time at BEA 2013! I know I am forgetting something or someone, but it's 11 PM. I need sleep! LOL!

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  1. Glad you had such an amazing time! I hope you are feeling better. I can't believe I didn't bump into you this year!

    1. I literally spent most of my time at publisher parties, press room charging phone, or sitting somewhere before a signing. LOL! I was MIA for a lot. LOL!

  2. How amazing! Sounds like you had an epic time. I'm stoked to attend but a little hesitant because of all the people.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, glad you had fun and hope you feel better! xo


  3. Looks like such a good time! I love that you met so many bloggers and authors. I want to go so bad next yr. thanks for sharing!

  4. I wish I could have gone this year. Maybe I'll get to go next year. Glad you had a great time this year.

  5. Fabulous pictures! I would love to go to BEA sometime. I never even knew about it when I lived up north. Lol.
    It was close to where I lived. Maybe someday. :)
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the shout out to Spencer Hill Press! We love bloggers!

  7. Yes we do! And is that you I spied in that picture, Ms. Provost?


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