May 06, 2013

Review: Blindfolds by Lisa Campbell

Blindfolds (Wicked, #0.5) Blindfolds by Lisa Campbell
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Published March 2nd 2013
by Createspace

Hidden secrets, infatuation, and a touch of the supernatural consume eighteen-year-old Ashley Stevens during her first semester in college.

When Ashley arrives late on the first day of her sociology class, she meets Natalie—who she quickly develops a friendship with. Early on in their friendship, Ashley discovers that there is something going on with Natalie, and becomes intrigued with her secretiveness. But that is soon deflected once Ashley pursues a romantic interest with Jeremy—whose attractive greenish-gray eyes give her butterflies every time she sees him.

Will the burning flames of attraction make Ashley want to follow through in a relationship with Jeremy? Or will it smolder as she begins to discover a few things about his past relationship?

          My Review:

     This is a hard review to write. Because on one hand, I did enjoy the book enough to finish it. But on the other hand, it just ended. It felt unfinished. This novella is about Ashley whose starting college. She ends up being friends with a beautiful girl named Natalie. Natalie's friendship starts off as easy but then takes a turn on the mysterious side. She seems like she's a bit off and Ashley can't put her finger on it.

     In walks Jeremy, her new love interest. At first things started a little hot with them but it turned rather cool, rather quickly. With so much going on, Ashley is feeling a bit flustered. She's got a lot going on. Her new relationship isn't flying off like she wanted, her new BFF is acting funny, she's also going through emotions with her mom and her ethnicity. She's trying to come to terms with her mother and having African American roots.

     As the novella progresses, you finally do find out what's going on with Natalie. The truth behind Jeremy's sudden coolness comes out and she finally gets her meet her father's side of the family. But when all these come to light, the book ends. That's it. It kind of left me hanging. It was a really fast and enjoyable read. Maybe if she had made this novella in a full book, it would have gotten 4 stars but for now it's a 3 stars!

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