May 02, 2013

Literary Loom by Carolyn Twede Frank Blog Tour -- Interview & Giveaway!

literary loom tour

The Big Debate (Literary Loom #1)

A bizarre corpse . . .

A strange girl . . .

A creepy teacher . . .

A cool invention . . .

Combine these with an old school and a new student anxious to fit in—and the adventure begins.

Fifteen-year-old Josh’s big mouth gets him in trouble at first. But after walking in the shoes of great men of history in the Literary Loom, he uses that mouth to bring down the bad guy and ultimately solve the mystery behind the murder—and the strange girl.



1. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Creative, unorganized, driven

2. What was your inspiration for the book?

As I was reading the book Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain, I remember thinking why did God care so much about the French being free from English rule—lots of other countries had succumbed to them? And then the answer came to me as a quiet voice in my head: God needed the French to be free so they could help America to be free. This moved me to the point I wanted to share it with others and thus the idea of the book was born.

3. What do you normally like to read when not writing?

Speculative fiction

4. If you could meet anyone and spend an hour with them alive or dead who and why?

Beethoven: I love his music and I admire how he never gave up despite what life threw at him.

5. Describe your main character in six words.

Josh Sawyer: teenager, Impulsive, speaks before thinking, head strong, sensitive, smart—but doesn’t realize it.

6. If you could switch places with any of your characters, who would it be? Why?

Uncle Rueben: I’d love to have his knowledge of physics and books, and build myself inventions to explore the infinite resources within books.

7. What are you working on now?

I am currently working on the sequel, which will be dealing with evolution vs. intelligent design. It touches on the narrow-mindedness of the scientific community as they try to explain the origin of life while adamantly denying God hand in the creation of this world. Of course there will be a fun, mysterious storyline involving Josh and his friends. I am also working on a memoir dealing with my international puppet business that I sold a few years ago so I could spend more time writing.

8. Can you share a teaser of [your memoir] with our readers?

I’ve found that the hand of God is always easier to see in one’s past than at the present moment. But if you can manage to recognize His hand in real-time—and let it guide you—a roller coaster ride that makes Six Flag’s Goliath feel like a backyard kiddie slide could be in store for you.

At least that’s what happened to me.

I responded to the nudge of that Almighty hand and was led to use the talents He gave me to create something—simple works of handicraft that most would dismiss as trite.

Comedian David Letterman aptly summed up the world’s view on my chosen endeavor. On one of many business trips to New York, I happened to get on the David Letterman show as a Celebrity X-ray Challenge participant. As David usually did with people he pulled out of the audience, or in my case from a group of bystanders at Rupert’s Deli next door, he asked a little about me.

“What kind of work do you do?” he inquired over the speaker piped into the deli.

“I own my own business,” I responded.

“Oh, and what kind of business would that be?”

“I manufacture puppets.”

A noticeable pause, and then, “Well, you’re sitting on a gold mine, aren’t you?”

9. What scene was your favorite to write?

Josh as George Washington fleeing Long Island.

10. Tell us what comes to mind when you think about the release of [Literary Loom: The Big Debate).

I fear that it will be overlooked for the fact that it deals with a subject that schools, and much of society, don't want to touch--God. Unfortunately, they allow in books that deal with a kid discovering his sexuality or his inner demons, but they're not interest in books about kids discovering God. A New York agent to which I pitched this book, even had the nerve to tell me that he didn't find it realistic that a 15 year old kid would be interested in finding out whether God was real.

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Author Carolyn Twede Frank

Carolyn has always liked to create. There were always gardens full of beautiful plants in her life, plenty of frilly, homemade dresses for her daughters—and don’t leave out the puppets. Ever since third grade, Carolyn also liked to write. She is the author of Promises, a teen historical fiction novel, and the author/illustrator of two children’s picture books. Carolyn lives in Utah with her husband and teenage daughter, where she runs her puppet-related business in between family time and writing time.

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