May 01, 2013

Blog Tour/ Review: True by Erin McCarthy

When Rory Macintosh’s roommates find out that their studious and shy friend has never been with a guy, they decide that, as an act of kindness they’ll help her lose her virginity by hiring confident, tattooed bad boy Tyler Mann to do the job…unbeknownst to Rory.

Tyler knows he’s not good enough for Rory. She’s smart, doctor smart, while he’s barely scraping by at his EMT program, hoping to pull his younger brothers out of the hell their druggy mother has left them in. But he can’t resist taking up her roommates on an opportunity to get to know her better. There’s something about her honesty that keeps him coming back when he knows he shouldn’t…

Torn between common sense and desire, the two find themselves caught up in a passionate relationship. But when Tyler’s broken family threatens to destroy his future, and hers, Rory will need to decide whether to cut her ties to his risky world or follow her heart, no matter what the cost…

          My Review:

     I really enjoyed True. From the beginning it grabs you. You start it off with Rory and some loser who doesn't understand what the word NO means. And then that's where you meet our sexy Tyler. His swagger is so hot that even I might have drooled. He came in and rescued Rory from an uncomfortable situation and that's what sets interesting events into action.

     As much as I wanted to like Tyler for Rory in the beginning I didn't. I liked him but not for her. I knew he'll turn out to be someone special but the fact that he has a history with a certain someone turned me off completely. So right there that would have been a big deal breaker for me. But he is charming and I can see how some girls with lack of experience may not be able to resist. Which made the story even more interesting.

     To be honest, when reading the book, I didn't remember the blurb at all. And since I was reading a kindle version, I couldn't just turn the book around to read it. So I never bothered. But the whole bet thing caught me by surprised and definitely made me not want to put the book down. I wanted to kick his butt for taking a bet like that. But I knew there was something more deep to him and I really wanted it to work for them. Because I didn't want Rory's heart to be shattered. And deep down inside they both ended up needing each other.

     If I have to point out the negative, in my opinion, is the whole "Virgin" thing. I really don't like reading books with characters who are virgins because they are usually very desperate to lose it. Like they're missing out something. Good thing for Rory she had a good head on her shoulder. But I would hate for a young girl who may be a virgin to feel ashamed of herself for it. But luckily in this book so much more happens that my mind didn't register the whole virgin thing too much. It's like I knew she was, but with so much going on, it's focus wasn't entirely on that.

     I really enjoyed True and I'm glad I was asked to be on this blog tour. It seems like the NA genre is blowing up and this book should definitely be on that list. True gets a 4 stars from me and a Good Choice for Reading!!


Erin McCarthy, author of the New Adult novel True, discusses the importance of friendship in her newest novel as well as what she’s writing right now!

1. Friendship is a prominent theme in the novel. Can you tell us why you decided to put such emphasis on the value of friendship?

I think friendship is what always sustains girls and women, through the good times and the bad. I would be lost without my female friends, and in college you spend so much time together it’s a natural bonding and you can’t really write about being twenty without showcasing friendships.

2. In what ways do Rory’s friendships mimic your real-life friendships? Are they totally imagined or are they based on your experience?

I wasn’t thinking of any of my friendships in particular when I wrote the book, just the general experience of female friendships. Girls move in packs, and it’s fairly natural for one to be more outspoken than the other, one to be more rational… I think we subconsciously fall into friendships that complement us. One of my best friends to this day is a friend from college and she is so Ann Taylor and I’m so not, yet we have a deep bond.

3. Any plans for your next project?

I am writing it right now! This is Jessica’s story, Rory’s roommate. The daughter of a preacher, Jessica is living a double life, a good girl at home, a not-so-good girl at school. When she needs a place to stay over the summer after lying to her parents as to why she isn’t coming home, she ends up staying with Riley Mann, Tyler’s older brother. They constantly butt heads, and develop an odd friendship filled with sarcasm that becomes something more when Riley needs Jessica’s help to secure custody of his youngest brother. I am loving writing these two because they’re both complex and full of flaws, and they’re both actually very hard on themselves. Their fights are passionate, but so is their love.

About The Author:

Erin McCarthy is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than 40 novels and novellas in the paranormal, contemporary romance, and young adult genres. The author is a RITA award finalist and an American Library Association winner of the Reluctant Young Reader award. She lives with her family in Ohio.

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