April 03, 2013

Time Heals by Dina James Blog Tour -- Interview & Giveaway!

Tell us a little about yourself and your latest/upcoming release.

I'm an unapologetic geek/gamer girl addicted to writing. I graduated from high school when I was sixteen, hold a college degree in nothing in particular in addition to multiple certifications in various things that captured my interest at the time, am an avid knitter and love Darth Vader. I live in Oregon with my husband and a menagerie of pets.

My latest release is titled Time Heals. It's the second book in the Stranger Things series available from Mundania Press.

From the back cover:

Rebecca MacDonnell is strange. More than that, she's a Stranger, a human born with the ability to use her own life's force to heal ethereal beings. Vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, goblins, and other things thought only imaginary all need help sometime, and when they do, they come to her.

Some things, however, are beyond help. Something is stalking all Ethereals, great and small. Beings of every race are fleeing a terror no one will acknowledge, let alone name.

At seventeen, Mistress Healer Rebecca is still learning to manage her power. She must learn to control it before it controls her.

Unless it's already too late.

When her burgeoning ability gets away from her, that which heals turns to harm and drives her loyal man-wolf bodyguard Billy straight into the arms of the unknown horror.

Unlikely new friends are her only hope to finding out what's happened, and she must enter new – and dangerous – territory in order to do it.

Who is your literary hero?

I have so many, I can't pick just one. Jacqueline Carey, Jean Auel, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Ilona Andrews, Jim Butcher, JK Rowling, Stephen King, Lilith Saintcrow...the list goes on, and they are all heroes to me in one way or another.

What's your favorite thing to do when you're not writing?

Knit. No, I'm serious. I knit like a fiend.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Evil Gothic Goddess

What is your favorite holiday?

Christmas. Most people think it's Halloween given my nature, but no. Sithmas –er- Christmas all the way!

What are you working on now?

I'm working on a couple projects. One has a working title of The Devil's Own and is set in the Destrati/Key to Hell world. That one is a rewrite of a pet project of mine. The other is the third book in the Stranger Things series, titled Death Knell.

What do you need to set the mood for you to write?

Alone time, a cup of tea, and darkness (I'm a night person). I prefer to write with music, but it's not a necessity. Also, I'm strange in that I need to be facing west in order to write. Don't ask me why. It's always been a "thing" with me. I don't know how it started or when I noticed it, but it's always just been that way. I don't care if it's with a pad of paper and a pen, when I write, I face west.

If you could bring one of your characters to life, who would it be? And why?

I'm really torn here. I'd want Billy because he's a phenomenal bodyguard and just a delight to be around, but at the same time I'd want my beloved, dark, enigmatic and beautiful Kyle because he's ancient, powerful and knows so, so much. I'd love to be part of his existence for just five minutes of conversation.

This or That

Knives or sword? Knives. I'm a little person and can do more damage with little stabby things.

Coffee or Tea? Blasphemy. There is only tea.

Twitter or Facebook? Twitter

Actual book or eReader? Actual book

Vampires or Werewolves? Vampires (forgive me, Billy)

Other Books In Series:
 - ALL WOUNDS (Stranger Things Novels, #1)  

Plus an ebook copy of TIME HEALS. :) 

Leave a comment below to enter. 


  1. This sounds like a great read!! I loved reading the synopsis as well as the interview with the author :)

  2. I think this sounds like a really great book. The fact that she's 17 and has to learn to deal with all of this as well as being 17 sets up what should be a great read. Thank you.

  3. sounds great, I added it to my TBR. Great interview!! :)

  4. I would like to enter! :) This book sounds good~! :)

    Alicia Batista


  5. Ooo another book that looks like a great read :) Thank you for sharing and for the great giveaway opportunity. Not sure what exactly you need for entry?

    Cassandra closkot at hotmail dot com

  6. I may need to read the Jim Butcher books. I keep seeing them mentioned as favorites of readers. Great interview.


  7. You must be an amazing author if you prefer real books. Me too! Isn't it a small world?

  8. Sounds great, can't wait to read. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  9. I would love to read this book. It sounds really good. Thanks for the giveaway. Tore923@aol.com

  10. Book looks promising, thnx for the giveaway! enter me please!

  11. Very nice interview

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  12. Fantastic interview, I love learning about authors and I love the fun questions, like fave drink, vampire or werewolf, etc.

  13. Hello!

    Thank you so much for offering this giveaway! I had never heard of this book before this post, so thank you also for sharing the summary and the interview – it sounds so interesting! My fingers are crossed for the chance to win and read the story. :-)

    I hope you have a great rest of the day!

    Best Wishes,
    Lindsey V.

    P.S. This comment also serves as the needed comment for the Kindle Fire/$199 Amazon Gift Card giveaway on Kelly's Lucky You Blog.


  14. Awesome blog you got here! Im going to follow you!

  15. what a wonderful contest! I've heard such good things about this book but haven't had the money to snag me a copy yet. Good luck to you Dina. I hope the fates grant you with everything you heart desires when it comes to your books >^.^< (cuanam wolfspirit - howlofwolves@yahoo.com)

  16. Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  17. Great interview and awesome giveaway!!

  18. Loved the interview. Can't wait to read.

    bmack31919 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  19. Hi,

    Sounds like a great book and I'm really curious to read it. I'm always up for reading about paranormal and romance!


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