March 29, 2013

Interview w/ author of Blue Hearts of Mars by Nicole Grotepas (Blog Tour)

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Blue Hearts of Mars by Nicole Grotepas

Retta Heikkinen knows the unspoken rule of society: love between androids and humans is forbidden. A simple enough edict until Hemingway Koskinen spends an evening charming her with his intense gaze, bewitching smile, and sparkling conversation that hints at so much more than the usual obsessions of high school boys. Rules were meant to be cast aside, especially when love beckons.

If only it were as simple as being in love.

Trouble is brewing, not just for Hemingway--for all androids. Secrets have been kept, lies propagated, and Retta soon discovers that a frightening future awaits thousands of androids if she doesn’t do something to stop it. Worse yet, she will lose the one love she’s ever endangered herself for: Hemingway.

Tell us a little about yourself and your latest/upcoming release.

My name is Nicole Grotepas and in addition to my husband and son, I have four sisters,
two step-sisters, and a step brother. My mom, dad, and step-dad love books. I was raised
in a home that was filled to the brim with books. I was never lonely because I always
had a book to read or a sister to bug. Blue Hearts of Mars is a YA sci-fi romance that I
dedicated to my dads because they're the ones who loved science fiction. My mom can't
stand it, but she's the only reason I read books in the first place. The book, Blue Hearts of
Mars, is about love and equality and overcoming the fear of the other.

Who is your literary hero?

Tie between Jane Eyre and Ender Wiggin! They both have a strong moral code and
they honor it. Jane wavers, but she never gives in, and would rather be homeless than
compromise her integrity. Ender spends his life trying to make restitution for his mistakes
and I just think that's sadly beautiful.

If you could choose one book cover to put on your wall as a poster, what would it

I know you're thinking I would pick one of those old Harlequin Romances with Fabio
on the cover, but you'd wrong. So wrong. I'd totally go with the last Robert Jordan
book, "Memory of Light," which was finished by Brandon Sanderson. Finally! The cover
fits the content of the book!

Do you find it hard to kill off your characters?

Yes, but I'm going to do it someday. I swear. So help me. My dad is actually bugging me
about that. And he's right. I have been known to criticize other authors who don't do that.
Must. Kill. A. Character.

Who do you most admire?

My mother and sisters. All of my family, really.

What are you working on now?

A book that's based partially on my favorite Greek myth. I've written the ending already
and it's going to blow minds. It's blown mine. OK, I'd say more about it being mind-
blowing, but I don't want to set expectations too high. I'm also planning a novella to
complement Blue Hearts of Mars. We'll see if there's enough demand for that. People
seem to want a sequel, so I'm also considering that.

What do you need to set the mood for you to write?

Usually appropriate music. I also try to clear my mind before I plunge in. If I know what
my scene will have in it, I can do that easier and don't have to reread previous scenes to
get into the mood. I think the mind clearing aspect is very Zen, but I wouldn't have said
or thought that till this moment.

This is or That

Cat or Dog?
Ice cream or Sorbet?
Ice cream
Heels or flats?
Knives or sword?
Coffee or Tea?
Iced tea or hot tea?
Snow or rain?
Movies at home or Movie Theater?
Soda or Juice?
Twitter or Facebook?
Actual book or eReader?
Actual book or Audiobook?
Spring or Summer?
Fall or winter?
Long Sleeves or Short Sleeves?
Young Adult or New Adult?
Vampires or Werewolves?
Ghost or Zombies?
Action movies or Chick flicks?
Chick flick
Horror movies or Mystery movies?
Mountain views or Ocean views?

Author Nicole Grotepas

Nicole wrote her first fantasy novel in 7th grade on her mother's old Brother typewriter. It was never finished but it strongly resembled a Dragonlance plot and she's forever wondered what happened to the manuscript and Tonathan--the handsome elven protagonist. After living in Nashville where she worked as an editor, she returned to the Utah desert where she was raised. Nicole now lives near the Wasatch mountains with her husband. She writes and raises her son and three cats full time.

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