February 20, 2013

Review: Three Sisters (Blackberry Island #2) by Susan Mallery

Three Sisters (Blackberry Island)Three Sisters by Susan Mallery
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Expected publication:
February 26th 2013
by Harlequin MIRA

After Andi Gordon is jilted at the altar, she makes the most impetuous decision of her life – buying one of the famed Three Sisters Queen Anne houses on Blackberry Island. Now the proud-ish owner of the ugly duckling of the trio, she plans to open her own pediatric office on the first floor, just as soon as her hunky contractor completes the work. Andi's new future may be coming together, but the truth is she's just as badly in need of a major renovation as her house.

When Deanna Phillips confronts her husband about a suspected affair, she opens up a Pandora's Box of unhappiness. And he claims that she is the problem. The terrible thing is, he's right. In her quest to be the perfect woman, she's lost herself, and she's in danger of losing her entire family if things don't change.

Next door, artist Boston King thought she and her college sweetheart would be married forever. Their passion for one other has always seemed indestructible. But after tragedy tears them apart, she's not so sure. Now it's time for them to move forward, with or without one another.

Thrown together by fate and geography, and bound by the strongest of friendships, these three women will discover what they're really made of: laughter, tears, love and all.

          My Review:

     Once again Susan Mallery delivers. Every time I picked up a book by Susan Mallery, I know I won't be disappointed. Three Sisters delivered. Three Sisters was an enjoyable read. What I loved most is that is a contemporary story but it main focus isn't all on romance. I really liked that. Sometimes some books over do the whole love thing and can be too mushy. But this book focuses on relationships and self help. The three ladies in this novel had a lot of personal issues they had to deal with and figure out throughout the book.

     Each character had so much going on, I felt bad for them. Except one, and that's Deanna. I didn't care for her much, but eventually she grew on me. The novel opens up with Andi, poor girl (not literally) moved to Blackberry Island to start her life fresh. Andi is a good person, she's a pediatrician and she loves kids. But she's scarred because her ex-fiance left her standing at the alter. What kind of person does that to the person they claim to love? So as you read the story, you see her struggles and fears. She's not a weak person which makes her more likable. I love her growth throughout the whole story. I was rooting for her to find that special love she deserves.

     Boston is of owners of the houses considered to be the "Three Sisters". Boston was a fun character. She's young but she has an even younger heart. Not caring about what anyone thinks and walking around with huge purple (I believe it's purple) strip of hair, she faces the world in pain. I think her pain is the worst one of them. My heart cried for her. The pain she deals with in this book, is a pain no woman should go through. Seeing her grow and find a way to cope with her loss was sweet. She was my favorite character. I really enjoyed her page time.

     Oh Deanna, how you rubbed me the wrong way. During the first half of the book, I did not like her one bit. She's one of those people that dresses so crisp and judges people. But behind that b*tchy persona is someone whose negative childhood has made her who she is today. She's dealing with her own insecurities and her own demons. And not knowing the proper way to deal with her past has affected her family life. No one should have to endure a horrible childhood. Though she wasn't my favorite characters, I was glad to see her change her life around.

     All three ladies brought their own character and personality which made this book very enjoyable. I loved the scenes between all the ladies and the men in their lives. All three men were sexy and I really liked how much they cared for their ladies and never really gave up on them. Three Sisters is another win for Susan Mallery. I can't wait to read the next installment of the Blackberry Island series. Three Sisters is a 5 stars read, must buy and a definite Good Choice for Reading.


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