January 26, 2013

Interview with author Marie Higgins (Take My Heart Blog Tour) #giveaway

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Do you read reviews of your books? What do you do when you read a not-so-nice one?

Yes, I admit that I read my reviews…even the bad ones. However, with “Take My Heart” I have only one 4-star review, and the rest are 5-stars. But with some of my other stories that have gotten poor reviews, I take into consideration that I cannot possibly please everyone (although I’d love to), and that maybe they were in a bad mood when they read my book. lol But I don’t let it depress me. I remember that I have more good reviews than bad ones, anyway.

If you could choose one book cover to put on your wall as a poster, what would it be?

All my book covers are wonderful. I love them all. I think Sheri McGathy did a wonderful job on the Colonial series, especially – making them all look alike since they are in a series. But I think I would pick “Wonderland By Night”, mainly because of the purple color…and because I think the woman on the cover has amazing eyes.

Do you have a book in your house that's just destroyed because you've read it so much?

Yes, I do! The first romance book I read was “A Rose In Winter” by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I feel hook, line, and sinker for that wonderful story. After that I couldn’t get enough of her books. Once I was done reading her, I found other authors that I found enjoyable. To this day if you looked on my bookshelf, you’d know which authors I liked more than the others. And…you would definitely see more historical romances than the others.

How many times were you turned down from a book offer before you finally got published?

When I first started searching for publishers about ten years ago or so, I was going after the big publishers (Avon, Kensington, Random House, etc). I also had more than one book that I was shopping around. Within a year, I had over 50 rejection letters. After a couple more years passed – and a couple more books that I was trying to get published – I finally had a 3-inch binder stuffed full of rejection letters. That’s when I decided to try epublishers (this was back in 2005). I was offered a contract from the very first publisher I submitted to. And the rest…they say…is history.

Can you share a teaser of TAKE MY HEART with our readers?

Oh definitely! Teasing is what I do best. hahaha

Two strong arms circled Mercedes' waist and she looked up into the face of a soldier wearing a red coat; the symbol of those men serving England, her mother country. The white periwig covered his head, the queue held in place by a jaunty black ribbon.

“My, my.” He grinned, tightening his arms around her. “What lovely package do I have here?”

Instead of being relieved to see him, she worried he would believe she stole the apple – just as the others did. “Please sir, release me at once.” She squirmed, but to no avail.

“’Tis all right, my dear. I shall protect you.” He gave her a wink. “Have I not always been your champion?”

His words confused her, but she didn’t have time for an explanation. “Please, if you would be so kind. I must get away before they put me in jail for a crime I did not commit.”

The soldier raised a dark eyebrow. “What stories are you telling now, Mrs. Braxton?”

She gasped and stared at the man holding her. Mrs. Braxton? He thought she was her sister? But of course he would. She and Kat were identical twins. And…nobody knew Kat had died.

As Mercedes opened her mouth to deny his comment, heavy footsteps rounded the corner. Panic gripped her, and she couldn’t breathe. They had come to take her away.

Daring to peek over her shoulder, it surprised her to see the men’s expressions showed no anger. Instead of scowls aimed at her, their brows were creased, mouths pursed tightly as they glared at the soldier. Confusion filled her and she slowly shook her head, trying to understand what was happening.

Thundering hooves of a horse bore down upon them. Mercedes switched her attention to the man on the steed. The small crowd parted, and the man atop the animal dismounted. His horse had whipped up a cloud of dust in the dingy alley and she waved her hand in front of her face to keep from sneezing. The sight of the rider left her speechless and a bit weak at the knees.

His rugged appearance shocked her, his strength evident in his lean arms and legs. Rather than the fancy clothes of the English gentry, the beige shirt and brown leather vest of a farmer’s attire stretched taut across his wide chest, and the black material of his trousers molded to his legs and fit snugly into his black knee-boots. But this man was no farmer. That much appeared evident by the way he carried himself as he strode toward her, his step too confident, too graceful.

When he neared and she gazed upon his face, her breath caught in her throat. The sun had turned his skin a light brown, and the sureness of his jaw bespoke authority. Chestnut hair tousled by the wind framed his head, and she had a sudden urge to swipe the unruly locks off his forehead.

He was quite handsome, if she dared admit, and he literally made her lungs stop working. Never had that happened to her from just admiring a man. Looking into his fiery blue eyes, she swallowed hard.

He stopped mere inches away, towering over both Mercedes and the soldier like a dark cloud of doom. She leaned her head back to take in his height.

The handsome man met the soldier’s stare. “Sir, will you kindly remove your hands from my wife?”

Her jaw dropped. Wife?

What scene was your favorite to write?

It would have to be the kissing scene! I love writing hero and heroine’s first kiss. Ahhh….so romantic.

What scene was the hardest for you to write?

It would have to be the scene when hero thought heroine had been lying to him. He catches her in the arms of another man…and yet she was just pretending to save hero from being caught and hanged for treason. Of course the hero doesn’t know that. But heroine is crushed when she thinks hero hates her, and so she chases after him, and… And well, you’ll have to read the story to find out what happens next. heeheee

Take My Heart by Marie Higgins
Mercedes Maxwell’s sister’s last wish was for Mercedes to find evidence against Kat’s husband, William Braxton, and have him hung as a traitor to the crown. Mercedes isn’t na├»ve when it comes to capturing traitors, because her own deceased husband had once been an agent for the King when they lived in England.
When she meets William Braxton for the first time, all is not as it seems. Portraying her twin, Mercedes knows this is the only way to get close enough to William to discover his secrets. What she finds along the way are little surprises she hadn’t counted on, especially when she begins to give her heart to a man who may be a spy against the crown.

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Praise for Marie Higgins

”I enjoyed this book immensely. Each book of Marie's that I read is better than the last. I recommend this book to young adults and older who enjoy historical mystery, intrigue, fight for freedom, clean romance. This is the book for you.”
~~Mary Walling / Goodreads

“Few authors have mastered the art of storytelling like Marie Higgins. In this Colonial-era romance, Marie takes her reader on a wild ride. Every chapter, every scene, every line envelopes the reader's senses and imagination with passionate romance, deep emotional struggles, unexpected twists and turns, and neverending ups and downs. This was a hard book to put down and earns an unequivocal five stars from me. Thanks, Marie, for writing such great romances!”
~~Wanda Luce / Goodreads

 “Marie Higgins's Take My Heart is a stunning colonial romance. With well developed characters and heartwarming scenes, this book will steal the hearts of romance lovers and historical fiction fans. There are numerous twists and Higgins keeps you guessing at every turn as to who the real villain is. This book is a "must-read" for anyone who loves romance, history, or just a good story. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY!!” ~~L.D. Smith / Kindle

“Breathless! From start to finish you will keep wondering, questioning, and hoping. You will root for the underdog, and smile as love conquers all. Great read. You won't put it down until you're finished!”
~~M. Henning / Kindle


Author Marie Higgins
Since Marie Higgins was a little girl playing Barbies with her sister, Stacey, she has loved the adventure of making up romantic stories. Marie was only eighteen years old when she wrote her first skit, which won an award for Funniest Skit. A little later in life, after she’d married and had children, Marie wrote Church roadshows that were judged as Funniest and Best Written. From there, she branched out to write full-length novels based on her dreams. (Yes, she says, her dreams really are that silly)
Marie has been married for twenty-six years to a wonderful man. Together, they have three loving daughters and several beautiful grandchildren. Marie works full time for the state of Utah, where she has lived her entire life. Marie plans to keep writing, because the characters in her head won’t shut up. But her husband smiles and pretends this is normal.


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