January 22, 2013

SALVATION by Anne Osterlund (Interview/Giveaway)

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How did you come up with the idea of Salvation?

I first met Salva and Beth in the middle of a collision. Papers, pencils, the contents of Beth’s backpack, and point of view everywhere! I didn’t realize there was an entire book coming, though, until Salva’s best friend, Pepe, shoved him into the prologue.

Describe your main characters in six words.


-Whip smart

If you could pick a soundtrack to match your main characters lives, what would it be?

Love on the Inside by Sugarland

Can you share a teaser of SALVATION with our readers?

Smile. My official teaser tour runs from Feb. 1-Feb. 8th. The schedule is here. (Insert link: http://www.anneosterlund.blogspot.com/2013/01/salvation-blog-tour-schedule-update.html). But I can share the teaser from the beginning of the book. Someone from Penguin gave it the name, “A Revelation,” which I love!

Copyright @ 2013 by Anne Osterlund. Used by permission of Speak, a division of Penguin Young
Readers Group, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc. All rights reserved.

A Revelation

The night was insane. He must be high on adrenaline. The game had been incredible. The car was—face it, the car was unlike anything he’d ever planned on riding in during his life. And as designated driver, he was going to get to drive it home.

But really, he wasn’t even thinking about that drive.

Because he couldn’t get rid of the realization that had rocked and cracked his world like a broken windshield. Just before the car had pulled up.

She might be crazy—wearing that thin dress on a night that was maybe twenty-nine degrees. And she might be a nerd—because, really, who from Liberty High School ever applied to go to Stanford? And she was most definitely a walking disaster area.

But she was also beautiful.

What are you working on now? 

My current New Year’s resolution is to finish Redemption. Aurelia, the heroine of my earlier books, Aurelia and Exile, demands that I wrap up her third and final novel. She’s dying to tell you all about it, but she knows this is Salva and Beth’s moment so she is very patiently—for Aurelia—biting her tongue. Though, as a tradeoff for such good behavior, I did post one blog about Redemption here. (Insert link: http://www.anneosterlund.blogspot.com/2012/12/redemption-aurelia-book-three_23.html)

Author Profile:

Cat or Dog? Cats.
Ice cream or Sorbet? Chocolate chip mint ice cream and raspberry gelato.
Heels or flats? Tennies.
Knives or sword? Sword.
Coffee or Tea? Hot chocolate.
Snow or rain? Snow.
Spring or Summer? Both.
Young Adult or New Adult? YA
Action movies or Chick flicks? Gone with the Wind
Horror movies or Mystery movies? Ick.
Mountain views or Ocean views? Wide open spaces.

Thank you, Damaris, for hosting Salva, Beth, and I on our tour! You and your visitors are all welcome to come visit us any time on:

Our website: www.anneosterlund.com
And the other stops on our SALVATION Blog Tour!

A smart, unexpected romance from an award-winning author.

Salvador Resendez--Salva to his friends--appears to have it all. His Mexican immigrant family has high expectations, and Salva intends to fulfill them. He's student body president, quarterback of the football team, and has a near-perfect GPA. Everyone loves him.

Especially Beth Courant, AKA the walking disaster area. Dreamy and shy, Beth is used to blending into the background. But she's also smart, and she has serious plans for her future.

Popular guy and bookish girl--the two have almost nothing in common. Until fate throws them together and the attraction is irresistible. Soon Beth is pushing Salva to set his sights higher than ever--because she knows he has more to offer, more than even he realizes.

Then tragedy strikes--and threatens to destroy everything that Salva has worked for. Will Beth's love be enough to save him?

Thoughtful and romantic, this is a beautifully written story about following your heart and fulfilling your potential.

We have a signed copy of Salvation to giveaway! :) 

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  1. Loved the interview!! Can't wait for the teaser :) I've heard great things about this so far. Sounds really promising!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  2. I had the chance to read the arc, and absolutely loved it. Salvation is a beautifully written story w/a great message. Salva and Beth were written to perfection. I told my librarian cousin that they must have it. Would love a signed copy!


  3. Great interview! I really enjoyed this book! :D

  4. I can't wait to read this one!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  5. LOVE the little excerpt!!

    And it is awesome to have multicultural characters! It's so realistic and should be done more:))

    Thank you so very much:)

    ccfioriole at gmail dot com

  6. great excerpt!!
    it really draws you in i cant wait to read the book!
    thanks for the chance to win

    melissa portillo

    mel91284 at yahoo dot com
    twitter: mel_91284
    IG - mel91284

  7. Thanks for the interview, excerpt, and giveaway! I can't wait to read this one! I read Aurelia and loved it! I am currently reading Exile and it is awesome! Academy 7 is a good book too but I think it needs a sequel! Salvation sounds like an interesting love story.

  8. I love reading romance books. I can't wait to read this one. It sounds really good. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me. Tore923@aol.com

  9. Nice interview and book premise.


  10. Loved getting to know these characters a bit more... thanks for the interview and giveaway! Got it on my wishlist!


  11. Thanks for the great giveaway! I have really enjoyed Anne Osterlund's books in the past!

  12. I love the blurb of this book - just my kind of story!


  13. Great interview! This book sounds really good! I'd love to read it :D Thanks for the giveaway~


  14. Oh myy, when it said Mexican, I accidentally remembered The Perfect Chemistry series. :>
    I wonder if there are a lot of Spanish words ;> That's a major plus!
    I wonder what the tragedy is :O
    Awesome interview and the excerpt is absolute love! :D

    clapstompjump (Jassie) on twitter :)

  15. Great to meet you Anne. I must say your characters for SALVATION sound very, very interesting. I love that Beth is "whip smart".


  16. Hi, Anne! :) That teaser is VERY teaser-y! I love how he thinks she's a little bit crazy and weird at first. I can't wait to meet Salva & Beth.


  17. Agh!! Cannot wait for Salvation, I loved all of Anne's other books like Academy 7 and the Aurelia series. Please finish Aurelia #3 soon!!

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  18. Thanks for the giveaway, I LOVE signed books. I really enjoy her books, and can't wait to read this one!

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  19. i really want to read this book! it sounds really interesting!and i looovvveee your books! i own most of them! and i would love to own another one of your amazing books! i cant wait!!


  20. I love Anne's Books . Salvation is one I have looked forward to read. What a fun giveaway!! Sunflower1275@msn.com

  21. Salvation sounds really good. I can't wait to read it. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!



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