January 18, 2013

Review: Night Betrayals (Werelove #3) by Lakisha Spletzer (Ages 16+)

Night Betrayals (Werelove #3) Night Betrayals (Werelove #3)
by Lakisha Spletzer
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Paperback, 472 pages
Published December 6th 2012
by Createspace

Book #3 in the Werelove Series

Laylah's life is in flux. She's got unexpected abilities to master and more questions than answers about her past and future.

Isolated and forced to bow to Were societal rules, she tries to navigate the minefield that is fast becoming her way of life.

She only wants to be happy, but there are two things in her way: Werewolf Alpha, Dayid Yon, and the New Florida Were Council.


          My Review:

     Let me start of by saying I love this series. But this book was hard for me to read. This is by far the most brutal book of the whole series. And the worst book for Laylah. She goes through so much in this novel, she endured humiliation, physical abuse and verbal abuse . Yon (Laylah's Husband) is the most evil character I have read. And I've read books with some really horrible characters. But Yon made me want to jump in the book and choke him. He's like the devil reincarnated. I wanted Laylah to have an "Incredible Hulk" moment and  retaliate on everyone who physically hurts her. Night Betrayals is not a happy go lucky kind of novel. And Ms. Spletzer ended this third novel in the most nail biting way. Another cliffhanger. But I'm definitely anticipating the next installment to Werelove.

     In Night Betrayals, Laylah goes through so much in this novel. So when she gets the chance to be happy, I'm holding my breath for her. I was worried that someone would come and mess it up for her. I wanted her to be happy and smile for once in this book. If I could have, I would have stood by guarding her, making sure no one interferes. She even meets a new character who was loyal from the beginning. I fell in love with him. They quickly become friends and he brought some light to her dark days. That was refreshing in this novel.

     Night Betrayals introduces you to quite a few characters. You are introduced to a bunch of Were politicians, lots of Were laws and different clans. This is where I usually get lost. Ms. Spletzer does introduce quite a few characters and by the time I get to the next chapter, I forget who they are. So I ended up a little lost. But lucky for me, she's pretty good at answering her readers questions. So with her help,  I was able to pick up and enjoy the story. I honestly don't know how she keeps up with her characters herself. It's impressive if you ask me.

     As much as this book made me cringe, I enjoyed reading it. I really enjoyed reading about how many people really did love Laylah and how they all wanted to help her. Donil got a lot of page time in this novel and that made me happy. However, he really did annoy the hell out of me. He had his moments of acting like a possessive teen with his tantrums. I wanted to go in the book and smack him upside his head. Ms. Spletzer did a good job with every character's personality. They're all unique in their own way. So for all of you who have picked up her first two novels, you have to continue. In this book, you'll see life outside Laylah's father's house and her life as a married woman. I give Night Betrayals a 4.5 stars and a definite Good Choice for Reading!!



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  1. I can't wait to read this book especially after the ending in book 2!!


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