November 12, 2012

Review: Blaze By Joan Swan

By Joan Swan
Trade Paperback, 375 pages
Published September 25th 2012
by Brava

The hotter they come, the harder they fall…

With a man like him, every mission becomes personal… Ever since FBI agent Keira O’Shay started tracking a young boy named Mateo, she’s felt a connection even her empathic abilities can’t explain. She needs to save Mateo from the cult leader holding him hostage. Nothing can interfere with that—not even the reappearance of Luke Ransom, the hot-as-hell fire captain she’s regretted walking out on for three long years.

Losing Keira left Luke vulnerable—in every way. When they were together, the powers each possesses were mysteriously enhanced. But it’s the sexy, surprising woman beneath the tough exterior that Luke’s really missed. Even if she betrayed him utterly. And even if agreeing to help her uncover a government conspiracy means watching his life and his heart go up in flames again…

Well I loved this book! Joan Swan has become one of my top authors and she s now on my auto buy list! After the last one, I was not sure if she could do it again, I mean the first book Fever was so good, but she did. I love that while there is the focus of a love story here, there is so much more going on. I love love love the mystery parts of it too. I was always trying to guess who can Keira and Luke trust and who is out to get them. Can they even trust each other...

I feel you need to read Fever before you read this book, just so you understand some of the sub characters and so that you understand what the group went through to give them the abilities they now have. A loyal group of men and women who will do anything for each other even die. This installment just deepens the mystery of what really happened to them all those years ago.

Now like I said there is also the focus of a romance here and I loved the chemistry between Keira and Luke. Those too were just hot magic when in the room together and could not keep their hands off each other. The pages just sizzled with the heat they both give off. They are perfect for each other but both too stubborn to see it and both want different paths in life. How can two people so set on getting their way, but so right together ever make it work? I loved the ups and downs between them. The passion and fights were just so fueled and sexy in thier own ways. But the best is when they both see what is right in front of them and that my way idea is not always the right path to chose, sometimes you just have to have faith and trust.

I so can't wait to read the next book and see where the mystery turns next!

4.5 out of 5 stars


  1. OH! I agree 100% with your review! The wait for the next book is TOO LONG! Joan really out did herself with this one, and I am in love with Luke and Keira.

  2. I, too, agree with your review, Debbie! When I read Fever, I didn't really like Luke, but I fell in love with him in this one!
    I am really excited to read the next one also. :)


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