October 08, 2012

Halloween Character Booktacular with author Trisha Wolfe & Giveaway!

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New Scene from Unveiled
The tangy taste of copper coats the back of my throat. I shudder as I recognize the scent.
I swallow hard. The crisp night air cleanses the fiery ache in my lungs. I hold my breath as I make my way through the arcade toward the giant doors of Castle Karm.
            Lifting the hem of my cream grown, I push through the wispy fog rolling along the ground, and wonder where the hell Micah got the dress. Better yet, how she got me an invitation to Prince Sebastian’s betrothal celebration—a party only the nobles and courtiers are permitted to attend.
            Glancing over my disguise, I inwardly scoff.
            I look nothing like a courtesan.
            A metallic jangle echoes through the arcade, and I duck into a row of columns.
            Hell. Why couldn’t Micah have found a carriage, too? Then I wouldn’t have had to sneak into Court. I could have used the courtyard, like all the rest of the attending citizens of Karm.
            You’re supposed to be here, Fallon, I tell myself. I need to believe this if I’m to make the others believe it. It will look more suspicious if I’m hiding like some thief rather than walking straight up to the doors.
            Before I can gather my courage and step out of the colonnade, a deep chuckle sounds through the arcade. “Put ‘em right here,” a raspy male voice says.
            “Please, no—” another male voice pleads, thick with fear, a tremor hitching his last, broken word.
            Without thought, my hand goes to the back of my thigh—to my dagger. I feel for the hilt through the satin, and the cold steel of the blade presses against my skin.
            “I only wanted one dance—one dance with Miss Cecily.”
            “Strap him to the bench,” the gravelly voice orders.
            Holding my breath, I inch around the pillar and peek at the three men. Two knights of the Force and a gentlemen in a blue silk tunic. Even in the dim torchlight, I can see the tunic is two sizes too big. And his shoes, the shoes of a man who works the fields, stick out horribly against his getup.
            I close my eyes and curse under my breath.
            Did he really think he’d deceive King Hart’s Force so easily?
            My eyes snap open in alarm. I’m about to attempt just that.
            Breathe, Fallon.
            The knight in crimson wraps a cord around the farmer’s wrists and spits on him. “You’re lucky, commoner,” he snarls. “The prince won’t hear of this. If it was any other night, your skin would be flayed from your bones.” He cocks his head to the other crimson-clad knight. “Lift his shirt.”
            The raspy-voiced knight tugs the farmer’s tunic up as the other knight grabs a whip from the side of the wooden bench. The farmer trips over his plea for mercy before the whip cracks against his skin.
            My body tenses, and my teeth clamp down. The whip whistles through the air and comes down again, slashing the man’s back and splitting the tranquility of the night.
            My fingers curl into my palms, fisting my skirt, and my arms tremble. I take a step back, trying to gather my wits before I do something stupid. The heel of my slipper catches on a loose stone and I tumble backward.
            The raspy-voiced knight pulls his sword from his scabbard and advances toward me. “Who’s there?”
            I slip farther into the shadows cloaking my form. The knight takes out his V-Baton and extends it. The tip crackles to life with a blue-white spark, illuminating the arch-covered arcade with a blue glow.
            “My lady,” the knight says, and snaps his back straight. “Did you lose your escort?”
            Thinking quickly, I shake my head. “No, sir.” I pull a parchment from my sash and hold it before me. “I’m a party of one…but I’m late.”
            His thick eyebrows draw together, his squinted eyes looking me over curiously, but he douses the snapping V-Baton. Then he accepts the invitation in my hand. As his eyes scan the scrawl, I glance around his massive shoulders at the famer.
            His exposed back bears angry red slashes. The other knight towers over the farmer’s trembling, hunched body, running the tail of the whip over his blood-stained hand.
            “Let me escort you to the door, m’lady,” the knight before me says, and I quickly return my gaze to him. “This is not a place for a lady to wander into.” He crooks a smile.
            “Indeed,” I say. “Thank you.” And as much as it makes my stomach roil with fury and nausea, I accept his arm angled toward me.
            The Force knight guides me past the torture scene, and I try to keep my eyes on the stone ground. I sidestep a pool of blood, thinking another citizen must have suffered at the hands of the Force not long ago. The spot has only just begun to dry. My stomach knots.
            As we reach the high, mahogany doors, my escort nods to the guard in front of them. “Miss Fallon, attending as a party of one.”
            Forcing a smile, I turn and thank the knight, then face the guard as he opens the door. The creak fills me with dread. “Welcome to Castle Karm, my lady,” he says. “Please enjoy the festivities.”
            I step into the inner ward, my heart racing, wishing I could have done something for the farmer—praying the Force releases him. But I have a mission. I have to stay focused.
Time to find my mark.

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