October 01, 2012

Guest Post by author Linda Kage - Blog Tour

Genre : Contemporary YA Romance / YA Chick-Lit
Release Date : September 1, 2012
Readership : Typically Girl, ages 13 & up

Who knew becoming lost in a new life could help a girl find her true colors?
When sixteen-year old Grace Indigo’s mother remarries after thirteen years of being a widow, Grace has to move to a new town and enroll in a new school. There, she finds herself thrust into a whole different life where she’s surrounded by a crowd totally opposite of her old nerd herd.
What’s worse, Ryder Yates, the boy who flirted with her and she turned down when they were attending separate schools, is a part of her new group. But he has a girlfriend, and Grace somehow ends up paired with his best friend. Yet after her relationship with her mother deteriorates and her old friends suddenly become incommunicado, Ryder is the only person she can rely on when her world goes haywire.

Guest Post

Hey, I’m Grace Indigo, main character in the new story, The Color of Grace by Linda Kage. And I’m here to talk about friends.

My friend, Bridget, is a bit of a freak. She actually ENJOYS writing term papers for school.  I know, totally strange, right? But she loves the research of discovering really obscure details like what kind of boat George Washington rode while crossing the Delaware during the Revolutionary War. The answer is a Durham boat, by the way.  I know because Bridget told me…more than once!  She’s a preacher’s kid and her one big curse word is Holy Hosanna. It’s fun to razz her about that.

Then there’s Schy. Her name is really Shi Ann, but she likes to spell it Schy because she’s all artsy and wants to constantly change everything…even the spelling of her name.  Except strangers usually call her Sky instead of Shi.  She doesn’t care, though, which is one of the best things about her.  She likes to draw, color, paint, anything involving an easel and some form of art media. Sometimes, I’m her easel, and she’ll practice making tattoos on me with pen ink. Some designs she’s drawn have been so cool I wish they hadn’t washed off so quickly.

And finally, we have Adam.  He is Schy’s twin brother.  His quirkiest feature: he hates his ears, so he wears his hair just shaggy enough to cover them. He’s tall and lanky with wide shoulders and is probably the shyest guy I know. But once you put a guitar in his arms, he’s a musical genius. The boy can write his own songs: music, words, and all. If he ever grows the courage to get on a stage in front of a crowd, he’ll be a superstar someday.

So those are my three very best friends in the entire world: Bridget, Schy, and Adam. Bridget’s annoying brother calls us the Nerd Herd because, well, okay because we’re nerds. But that’s fine by me because we’re nerds together. Together is something I thought we’d always be. Then my mom remarried and I had to move away. 

Honestly, you don’t realize how much you depend on your BFFs until they’re not there anymore. You don’t realize how much they stabilize you and keep you being you, or how they make you more courageous when you’re feeling timid, or how they hold you back when you need to calm down.  They’re your sanity, your soul’s personal life support. 

Losing my friends made me feel more lost and alone than I ever thought possible.

So, I say cherish your friends while you have them.  Leave a comment in honor of your best friend(s) stating a first name and what strange habit about them makes them so uniquely them.  


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“But what’re you taking a picture of?”

“The glove.”

Swerving back around, Ryder arched a questionable eyebrow at the article of winter wear in the snow. “The glove?”

Concentrating on setting the phone’s camera mode to capture, I held the screen in position as I neared the glove for a good close up.

Ryder moved in with me. I paused to send him a scowl over my shoulder. He paused too, glancing briefly at me before returning his attention to the glove. “I don’t get it.”

Gritting my teeth, I turned back to my task and tipped the phone sideways for a vertical portrait shot before tilting it back, preferring the original landscape mode. Focusing all my attention on finding the perfect pose, I scooted a little to the right and then the left, testing the light from each angle before I made up my mind and took the shot.

As the final product froze on my screen, my face lit with pleasure. “Perfect. Isn’t it wonderful?” I spun around to show off my masterpiece before I remembered the boy behind me was the one person I didn’t want to be around just then.

Ryder looked down at the picture. “It…” He scratched his head, then raised his gaze and laughed. “Honestly, it looks like a glove. What am I supposed to see?”

My face fell. He didn’t understand. I don’t know why I was disappointed. There was no chance Ryder Yates would ever be anything to me, but the fact that he didn’t share my passion let me down. Just like everything else I’d learned about him today.

“You’re supposed to see whatever you want to see. Feel whatever you want to feel.”

He concentrated hard as he glanced back down at the camera screen before he looked up and quietly asked, “So what do you see?”


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  1. Kris - she has a heart for serving.

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  2. Hi Good Choice Reading!! Grace and I thank you so much for letting us stop by today and blather on!

  3. Love this post! I've known my best friend since we were three. And we still giggle over silly things. And men. Hmmm. Maybe sometimes they're the same :)

  4. Oh, I forgot to do a shout out for MY best friends! To Kurt, Sandra, Doris and Lydia (husband, sister, mom and daughter). You guys are the best!

  5. Following the tour :) That was probably my favorite part of the book. Quite insightful, and fun too. This is where I started liking the MC.

    Ana @ BookSpark

  6. Oh good!! It's nice to know you liked something!! :) Thanks for following the tour!


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