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August 02, 2012

TQOTD - If You Could Have a First Edition Book - Which One Would You Choose?

Happy Thursday GoodChoiceReaders!

So last night, I took a good look at my bookshelf and I realized that while I have a variety of great books (some arcs, some classics, some fantasy), what I don't have are any truly old books - you know, those books that creak when you open 'em up, practically disintegrate in your fingers, and smell amazing? Yea...I want some of those...

Personally, if I could have my hands on any first-edition book, it would most definitely be Moby Dick. (Yes, I know, super weird) I adore that novel and it would be so cool to have an original.

Thursday's Question of the Day: If you could have the first edition of any book in the world, which would it be? 



  1. Pride and Prejudice or Northanger Abbey. Only worth bajillions of dollars. :-p

  2. Jane's one of my favorite books.

  3. The Count of Monte Cristo, is my favorite book.

  4. I would want a Charles Dickens book, probably 'A Christmas Carol' or 'Great Expectations' but maybe 'The Pickwick Papers' because it was his first book...

  5. Definitely Little Women. It's my very favorite book and always will be.

  6. Okay, don't know if this book is old enough to count but I love The Giver by Lois Lowry and would love to have an original! Maybe I have to wait 50 or 100 years and then ask!

  7. The Great Gatsby, that dustjacket is great.

  8. All AMAZING options!!! Nice choices ladies! :)

  9. I have to agree with Mindy, I'd want a copy of Jane Eyre as well!


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