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August 16, 2012

TQOTD - Do You Read Words Outside of Books?

Did you know that only 23% of people under the age of 30 don't actually read newspapers anymore? (Not even online!)  Nowadays, I feel like no one actually reads words - maps are replaced with GPS, texting replaced by video chats, even ads on the subway are replaced with pictures and a QRS Code. It's nuts! 

I LOVE and MISS words!

Thursday's Question of the Day: Do You Read Anything Other Than Books? Newspapers? Magazines? The Back of the Cereal Box?! 



  1. I don't read the newspaper. But if I know of a story that interest me, I do look it up online. And I do have a subscription to Cosmopolitan arriving to my house. I think that counts.

  2. I read book blog posts and lots of them. Does that count? ;) Other than that, I read online news stories and an occasional magazine article. It bugs me when news stories online are actually video clips, because I'd much rather read the words!

    Great question!

    1. Me too Diana. I dont want to watch the news online, if I want to watch the news I'll watch it on t.v. I want to read it online.

  3. I would argue texting is an absence of words too. Its some kind of weird code that I don't have a key to.

    I sometimes read the paper. Usually on a Sunday, since frequently during the week I'm up and getting ready for work earlier. I get a history and archaeology magazine in the mail. I have to read maps and reports for work, and got a slew of Thomas guides for when I forget my gps or its maps are out of date.

  4. I still read almost everything. Newspaper, magazines, calorie count..everything but the terms and agreement! lol.

  5. I still read magazines. Very rarely newspapers, that is only on Sundays usually, when I go to my mom's for dinner. I do read boxes for calorie counts, and even bathroom walls when I get bored in public restrooms. :-)

  6. I read newspapers only when I can't find anything else to read. I prefer reading the news online. I read medicine pamphlets that come in the medicine box. I like to make sure of what I'm taking & if there is any side affects. I don't like reading magazines. I feel like there is more pictures than articles & the topics are usually the same. Books are still my number one.

  7. I used to read newspapers but I don't anymore, most of it is too depressing. I do read magazines too but again not as much as I used too. Last time I read a magazine was at the Dr's office LOL.

  8. I actually tend to read the newspaper every morning. Admittedly, I don't read EVERYTHING in it, but I have a good skim through. But I do also read magazines in my work lunch breaks sometimes, though not as much as I used to. It's mainly about how much they cost these days though!

  9. I tend to read anything in my line of vision - old magazines, newspaper articles, cereal boxes, my sibling's papers. I do read the news online :)

  10. I read the newspaper on Wed & Sun. I get a parents magazine in the mail that i will read from time to time. I always read paperwork from my kids school. And of course I love to read books. I also follow the news online.

  11. here I thought it was bad that I just skim through headlines & articles online that catch my eye rather than watching the news or picking up a paper. this makes me feel better as I'm still reading it at least. While I was never a very good letter writer, I do miss receiving letters & cards outside of Christmas.

  12. I read a lot! Newspapers, online news, online blogs, recipes, magazines, ebooks, paperback books, etc. When I was teaching, my favorite part of the day was reading a story aloud to the children.

  13. I am always reading! I read magazines at the Dr's office, FB, my email, blogs, books (eBook and print), sometimes the news, and many more. I feel like my brain is not functioning properly if I don't read enough in a day. :)

  14. I read everything! Anything that peeks my interest :)

  15. I'm working on my dissertation, so I'm reading a ton of research for that. In addition, my degree is in a field where I have to keep up with the latest research and ideas for intervention and treatment, so I read books and articles related to that.

    I also read news and media articles online pretty much daily. I guess between all of this and my books, I'm almost reading constantly :)

  16. I do occassionally read magazines and sometimes newspapers. Mainly, I read books, blogs, online news, etc.

  17. I read anything and everything that is in front of my face if I don't have a book handy. If there's a cereal box, a bag of chips, a poster on the wall, of a billboard, I read it. :D


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