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August 10, 2012

Review: Hidden by Sophie Jordan!

By Sophie Jordan
Hardcover, 272 pages
Expected publication: September 11th 2012
By HarperTEEN

Jacinda was supposed to bond with Cassian, the "prince" of their pride. But she resisted long before she fell in love with Will—a human and, worse, a hunter. When she ran away with Will, it ended in disaster, with Cassian's sister, Miram, captured. Weighed down by guilt, Jacinda knows she must rescue her to set things right. Yet to do so she will have to venture deep into the heart of enemy territory.

The only way Jacinda can reach Miram is by posing as a prisoner herself, though once she assumes that disguise, things quickly spiral out of her control. As she learns more about her captors, she realizes that even if Will and Cassian can carry out their part of the plan, there's no guarantee they'll all make it out alive. But what Jacinda never could have foreseen is that escaping would be only the beginning....

Loyalties are tested and sacrifices made in the explosive conclusion to Sophie Jordan's Firelight trilogy.

If you've been following this blog since the very beginning then you know that I am A HUGE fan of this series! I mean, this is my Bella and Edward. My Twilight! I just love Sophie Jordan, I think she's awesome, and this series is just Ah, so good! But... but this is definitely not my favorite of the series.

It was still really good; the romance is still strong, and I absolutely adore the way Will loves Jacinda. His feelings and Jacindas does not change one bit throughout the series, and this is a major plus for me. Jacinda knows where her heart belongs and not once does she question this. So I was not disappointed on this aspect. I did think that after Vanish, there would be a huge love triangle going in this one. Well readers, rest easy. Sophie Jordan does not create this big jumble mumble love triangle.

The action was there, and it was just as fast paced as the first two books in the series. My problem with Hidden is that it’s supposed to be the end of the series, but to me, it did not feel like an ending. I was a bit disappointed with the ending and felt it was a bit rushed. So I did some research online, and yes, this is the end of the series. But I still have so many questions so I don’t get it.

However, aside from the ending I did enjoy Hidden. This series still remains my favorite and I will always recommend it. I wish it didn’t end, but I guess it can’t go on forever. I cannot wait to have this baby in hardcover on my bookshelf to match the other two.

Oh, I think I should mention for those wondering about Tamra, Jacinda’s sister, she does get a happy ending and one that I loved. Sophie Jordan couldn’t have written her happy ending any better. There is also a HUGE twist that left me with my mouth open. Definitely one I did not see coming.

4 out of 5 Stars!


  1. Thanks for the review! Ah-__- I had big a twist in a story!

  2. Thanks for the great review! I can't wait for this to release I love books with shifters especially dragons, those are my favorites. I'm glad that there is no messing with main couple and that Jacinda and Will are still going strong! :D

  3. Thanks for the review! Love unexpected twists and love triangles! Also love the idea of dragons:)

  4. I haven't read this series yet, but I've been dying to! It would also be the perfect time to start it since the third one is coming out soon

  5. Ok I have no idea what this series has been about but your enthusiasm makes me want to read it so bad! I also like that there's no love triangle. I get tired of those. So thank you for the review! I'm definitely anxious to check it out now! Also your name is just stunning.

  6. I am soooo looking forward to reading this book! I loved the first two books! Sophie Jordan is a great writer. Thank you for the review.

  7. YES!! TEAM WILL!! And it's the end?! Dang it! I can't wait to read this. :D

  8. Now I'm a little worried. I really enjoyed Firelight, but I didn't like Vanish so much. To hear you say Hidden was your least favorite makes me wonder how I'm going to feel about it...

  9. Good, honest review. Vanish wasn't as good as the first one, so I'm hoping I'll love this one. Yay Will!

  10. The romance sounds great, and I am bumping Firelight up on my list.
    Great review,
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  11. Great review! I haven't read any of this series yet, but they sound interesting. I might have to move them up on my TBR list now!!

  12. Great review....It sounds really interesting...

  13. Thanks for the GREAT review. I have always been interested in this series but have never read it. I need to get to reading them!

  14. I've had this one on my wishlist since I first saw the cover and read the blurb. Thanks for the review!

  15. I enjoyed Firelight and Vanish, although they aren't quite my favorite. I'm a bit concerned considering you loved the first two and feel like this one didn't live up to it. I'm definitely still going to read, but maybe with lower expectations I'll enjoy it more! Glad you still enjoyed the book!

  16. I most def agree with this! I didnt feel like it had a good ending. Firelight still stands to be my favorite!!!

  17. I've never heard of this series but now I want to check it out (despite the ending-that-isn't-an-ending). Thanks for the review!

  18. Great review. I completely love this cover and that red hair!


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