August 22, 2012


Casting Call Guest Post

I've been asked to put on my faux director's hat and do some casting for the characters in DEFIANCE. I actually didn't have any one actor or actress in mind for my characters as I was writing, but after I finished the book, I went looking for people who might fit the bill. Ready? Here we go!

Rachel: Danielle Pannebaker with blue contacts. She's got the attitude and the fierceness. Girl can be bada$$ when she wants to. Remember her in Mr. Brooks? I rest my case.

Logan: Chris Pine! Sweet, sexy boy-next-door with brains beneath his charm. Oh, yes.

The Commander: Bill Nighy in his Viktor from UNDERWORLD days. Imagine him deciding you were in between him and what he wanted. Remorseless and brutal and scary enough to make most people cower before he even opens his mouth. Proof:

Oliver: Morgan Freeman. This one took a lot of thought. I needed a man who could portray both warm welcoming love and quiet inner strength. I think Morgan does both.

Quinn: Kiowa Gordon. Capable, strong, and secretive. :)

Willow: Vanessa Hudgens. Confident, athletic, and outspoken.

Sylph: Kim Cloutier, but with curly hair. She can pull off the innocence and big heart that are at Sylph's core but still show that Sylph's loyalty and ability to love others give her a tremendous inner strength.

Melkin: Christian Bale (I mean, while we're dreaming, right?). His intensity and ability to change his physical appearance from buff to painfully thin is perfect for the character. Plus, he has that brooding thing going for him. And, he's Batman. That doesn't have anything to do with Defiance, but ... he's BATMAN.

Jared: David Wenham. He just looks so ... self-assured and capable. This isn't a man who'll take it easy on the daughter he loves. Not if he wants her to survive in their world.

Nola: Paula Patton. I needed an actress who embodied friendly grace and calm intelligence with a backbone of quiet courage.

Okay, I've cast all the main characters and most of the secondaries! What do you think of my choices? 

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  1. Love your choice of characters. Haven't read the book but agree with the personality to play! Cute!

  2. I love it - one of my favorite discussions with book friends is who would play the characters if it made into a movie.

  3. Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale in the same cast?! Can we say INSTANT HIT?! You certainly have a winner here with those choices. :-) Katharina

  4. I SO APPROVE OF THESE CHARACTERS (even if I haven't read the book yet). Chris Pine <3 <3

  5. I love these posts! Totally love getting to know characters via casting so I can picture them while reading:) Love them all:)

  6. I love Danielle Panabaker, she's a great choice!

  7. Oh my. I think they're lovely! Gives us an idea what to expect of the characters! :)

  8. very interestin group of characters and I think you made good choice

  9. Love the casting. Especially Logan. :D

  10. I haven't had the pleasure of reading Defiance yet, so I can't comment on whether I like the cast yet, but I can say that you have some good taste in actors and I would definitely watch a movie with this cast.

  11. Ok so I seriously AGREE with all of these!!!!! Chris Pine...perfection for Logan!!!! Can't be anyone else!!! and BATMAN! :-D


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