July 04, 2012

Review: Slumber by Samantha Young!

By Samantha Young
Paperback, 350 pages
Published May 17th 2011

Slumber - A Romance

Molded by a tragic childhood, nineteen-year-old Rogan finds it extremely difficult to trust people. Now Haydyn, her best friend and the one person she does trust, is dying and only Rogan can save her.

Setting off on a journey to retrieve the plant that will cure Haydyn and subsequently the ills that will befall them all if she dies, Rogan is stuck in close quarters with a protector she distrusts above all others.

Wolfe Stovia.

The son of the man who destroyed Rogan’s family.

At a constant battle of wills with the handsome Captain of the Guard, Rogan just knows this adventure together will be fraught with tension. She never imagined, however, that the quest would be so dangerous… not least of all when she finds herself falling for a man she could have sworn was her no.1 enemy…

Mature YA fantasy romance (for older readers).

I love Samantha Young's Warriors of Ankh series, and I didn't think Young could top it. I was always afraid to read any of her other books because I was afraid to be let down. I am happy to say that I was so wrong and I regret not reading her other books sooner.

Slumber has crawled to the top of my list of FAVORITE READS EVER! I am so iffy about reading self-published authors, but I am so happy I took a chance on Young's books. They are just so entertaining, and once you pick them up you cannot put them down. Slumber did just that to me! I could not stop reading it.

Slumber pulled me in mostly because of the characters. I love it when the characters are so well developed that I can easily picture them in real life. The consistency of the character personalities is also a huge plus for me and Young does that with Rogan and Wolfe. The world building is also another plus for me. It was so easy to follow and understand everything that Young put down on paper. She is just amazing at creating her worlds. I thought Blood Will Tell was amazing, but now I can't choose between that and Slumber.

There is romance in the story, but it's not one that is instant. Definitely one you can see developing and eventually taking place, but it's not immediate and I loved this. It was a lot of fun watching them fall in love. I laughed a lot and got tons of butterflies in my tummy while reading.

I believe this is going to be a series, but in every book different characters will be highlighted and their story is told, and complete. Wolfe and Rogan got their happy ending in this book, and the next book in the series is actually about different characters. I am so looking forward to it!

It's definitely a romance with lots of adventure and a very believable world! I am now reading Samantha Young's Fire Spirits series and Ah! Loving this series, too! She is such a great writer and can tell such a good story! Next up will be her Tale of Lunarmorte series! And the best part? Her books are only $.99 on Amazon! What are you waiting for? Go get them! You will not regret it!

5 out of 5 stars!


  1. I am definitely going to have to check out Samantha Young... thanks for the author rec and great review!

    1. Ooo let me know what you think and which book you started with! LOL

  2. Great review Damaris! I admit I saw the cover and was smitten, but then I saw your "favorite book ever" and I was sold. I'm adding this to my TBR stat! :)

    1. I really, REALLY like her books! There hasn't been one that I haven't liked. <3

  3. OMG I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! I got it free on Amazon, and never regretted it!!! It's the first of Samantha's books for me, so I'll definitely be checkig out the rest!!! Thanks for the review!!! You're the first person I've seen that's reviewed Slumber :)

    Alyssa <3

  4. This one sounds very unique, and I like series that follow different characters. I like that it's about friendship as well.

    I've actually read quite a few self-published books that I loved - Callum & Harper, Thomas & January.

  5. I've been wanting to read a book by this author. I keep seeing her books pop up every now and then. I've definitely been itching for a romantic read so I'll have to make sure to put this one on the list.

  6. I've had this one sitting in my kindle for a while now and your review just gave me a reason to go pick it up and read it.

  7. I have this book on my to-read list but haven't had a chance to read it yet. People seem to love her books since I keep hearing her name on other book places I watch for. Definitely need to hurry up and start reading the books I have of hers on my kindle app.

  8. Sounds likes great book...if you were that impressed I definitely want to read it!!

  9. I am so glad that this is good. I've had it on my to-read list for awhile now. The price is so reasonable too!

  10. I've been wanting to pick up one of Samantha's books for awhile now and you just convinced me. Such high praise from you has me sold!


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