July 23, 2012

Review: Creatures of the Night By Naomi Bellina (18+)

Creatures of the Night
By Naomi Bellina
ebook, 85 pages
Published June 1st 2012
by Torrid Books

Assuming he is the recipient of a large inheritance and fed up with the rat race of the city, Kyle quits his day job and moves to the small town of Hollister to live in his deceased aunt's home. He is, however, unable to locate the money he thought was his, and his search leads him to the local library where he meets Maya, a charming librarian with a secret. Their quest to remove an old curse leads them to a family of witches, one of them a wild spirit who has been lured away by her dark and fiery lover and kidnapped. A daring plan to rescue Sasha puts Maya in danger and allows Kyle to use his role as a hot-shot lawyer to help. Can they accomplish their mission safely and solve the mystery of the missing money?

This was a another one of the those short stories that seemed to pack so much in and make the book feel so much longer. I found I really did like it.

There is a mystery to be solved a few times and I liked trying to guess who is the bad guy and what are the motives, what secret is Maya hiding and the big one where is the money?

The characters were very likeable and I wish the book was a bit longer to know more about them. I found Maya's curse to be a bit odd, but that also makes the book so different from others I have read.

A cute short story to read while waiting a round or just before bed to unwind.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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