June 22, 2012

Review: The Temptation By Alisa Valdes

 The Temptation

The Temptation by Alisa Valdes
Paperback, 320 pages
Published April 24th 2012 
By HarperTeen

His touch was electric.
His eyes were magnetic.
His lips were a temptation....
But was he real?

After crashing her car on an empty highway, Shane is miraculously saved by Travis, a mysterious cowboy who walks out of nowhere. She is instantly attracted to him, and for the first time, she believes in “soul mates.” But Shane soon discovers that Travis is dead and that strict rules from the Underworld govern kindred spirits of different dimensions. Breaking these rules could destroy both their souls. And while Travis is almost impossible to resist, temptation proves to be the kindest enemy they encounter.

Can true love surpass the power of pure evil? Part love story, part supernatural thriller, this first book in the Kindred trilogy will leave readers lusting for more!

          My Review:

     Temptation started off really good, there was a horrible accident in the beginning which kind of set all these chain of events in place. Shane was badly hurt but lucky for her, Travis was there to help her. To me, he was the most interesting person in this book. Travis turns out to be dead, but at the same time very much alive to some point. Interesting huh? But that's it. After that, the story died for me.

     Can temptation lead into love? Sure, with time. But in this novel, love became a factor almost immediately and that's where my problem lays. Shane became unbelievably in love with Travis after meeting him for the very first time. Now normally  instant love hardly ever bothers me and I believe that you can meet someone and be immediately attracted to them. So that concept hardly troubled me when I read about it. But it's a problem for me in this book. The insta-love here was completely and utterly unbelievable. I felt there wasn't enough character to character interaction for there to be any love. Her obsession for him completely turned me off. Had the author taken her time developing the character's relationship then lead into love, this book could have been amazing.

     Lets put aside the whole unbelievable love story between the characters and focus on the remaining part of the story. The story behind Travis is a bit of a mystery and it was intriguing. What happened that lead to his death was what kept me reading. Travis has a brother (who is a huge knuckle head) and I think if this was his brother's story it would have been a bit more appealing. Maybe if the author had wrote about the brothers instead, I would have enjoyed it more.

     Sadly, I didn't enjoy this story as must as I hoped. But if you're into this kind of story. A dead soul and a human girl who fall in love immediately. Then I say go ahead and give it a try. Just because it didn't work for me, it can work for you. I give this book a 2.5 stars.



  1. I'm going to be completely honest, books that start off with horrible accidents tend to scare me away a little. All of the novels that I've read that start off that way have been disappointments. Perhaps this will break the chain because the whole dead soul and human girl love thing is interesting.

  2. I have been dying to read this book for the longest time :)

  3. It sounds so good...I'm gonna have to read it!!!

  4. Book sounds good, will put on my list. Thanks for the review.
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