June 15, 2012

Review: Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Cassiel Knight

Hit Me with your Best Shot
By Cassiel Knight
110 pages
Published February 20th 2012 (first published 2007)
by Lyrical Press

TAG: Sidra will do whatever it takes to find her target. Even if it means pairing up with an operative who has more secrets than she does.

Sidra is tough, street-smart and independent. And she's living a double life. As an agent for Triad, she follows orders and gets the job done. But as Norah Rainwater's surrogate daughter, she'll do whatever it takes--even defy Triad--to find Norah's missing daughter and save Norah's life.

She plans for every eventuality...except Gideon, who lives a triple life beyond Sidra's wildest suspicions. Sidra knows him as a charming playboy more intent on conquering women than saving the world. But he's more than that. Under another identity, he fights to destroy the five men who lead the criminal organization called the Alliance--the same men who murdered his father for trying to leave the group.

With Norah near death, Sidra can't let anything get in her way. Not even Gideon, who reminds her so much of Ranger, the only man she has ever loved. But Gideon can't let Sidra reach her goal without crushing any chance he has of reaching his.

This was a science fiction futuristic kinda of story. I found this book really intriguing. I was on the edge of my seat sometimes wondering what was going to happen next. A world so different than ours…Even though set on earth, things have changed so much!

Sidra is an agent with her own agenda, trying to free the slave children at any cost. As a child she was a slave until she broke free and wants no other child to suffer as she did. But while on a mission she meets a sexy man dressed all in black, only his eyes are visible. Who is he and why does she feel such a sexual chemistry between them. Is he the bad guy or can he be trusted?

Back at base Sidra’s boss is worried for her safety and thinks she needs to back off on doing her own thing while on missions, so he assigns Gideon to her team to help her have something to focus on. Sidra thinks of Gideon only as a playboy and tries so hard to fight the connection she feels between them.

When Norah her adoptive mom falls ill, Sidra is determined to find Norah’s daughter that was kidnapped as a child to save Norah life. Knowing the risk she is taking Sidra does not care for her safety, only her goal in mind. With Mr. Black and Gideon both trying to stop her and both willing to help her if they can’t stop her, Sidra has to decided what is best and who is better to trust.

I loved the mystery of this book and loved the shocking answers in the end. Although some things were predictable, some of the twists I never saw coming. Some things still need to have an answer and I hope we get another book to get those answers. I loved the connection between Sidra and all the mysterious men around her. Sidra is a kick ass woman who can fight and really defend herself! Intrigue, chemistry, and shocking results, a great short read!

My only problem with this book is that some of the words were a little hard to understand such as "Shred it" as a curse word. Over time of reading it you get used to it and just plug in your own words.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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