June 01, 2012

Interview with the author of Divinely Ruined, Diane Alberts + Giveaway!

Today I want to welcome Diane Alberts! We interviewed her about her newest book, DIVINELY RUINED. Diane is also giving away an ebook copy of DIVINELY RUINED to a visitor today. Enjoy!


Thanks so much for having me back, and letting me talk about my newest release with Entangled Publishing, Divinely Ruined!

1. Tell us a little about Divinely Ruined.

Gladly! It’s about an aspiring angel, named Rebecca, who doesn’t exactly fit the mold of a pious angel, per se. She’s gorgeous, red-headed, and has a bad habit of cursing. She’s had a lot of bad things thrown her way throughout the course of her life, so she doesn’t think twice when she is offered the position of an angel. No feelings, clumsiness, or hurt? Sign her up!

Tony is a single dad, trying really hard to do the best by his little girl. So, when a gorgeous woman shows up and informs him, point blank, that she’s an angel come to save him…he doesn’t exactly take her word for it. He’s given up on all the things she is trying to shove down his throat—happiness, faith, even love. And when the tables are turned and he is forced to protect Rebecca instead of the other way around…things get interesting.

2. You write contemporary romance, what made you want to expand into paranormal?

I actually write both! My very first book ever, Reclaimed, is paranormal. I tend to write what I like, so I’ve written: Contemporary, Paranormal, Young Adult, and Historical Romance. I have a hard time sticking to one…I love them all!

3. Do you find it easier to write contemporary as oppose to paranormal?

Hm, they both come pretty easy to me. Contemporary is a matter of keeping it fresh and realistic to the reader, whereas paranormal is creating a completely fake world—and making it feel real. Both are very fun—but very, very different.

4. Is Divinely Ruined a series? Or is this a stand alone book?

It’s actually the first in a trilogy named the Divine Temptations Trilogy. Rebecca and Tony aren’t in the other two books, but Sally is. And, of course, they all tie together.

5. Can you share a sneak peek with us from Divinely Ruined?

Absolutely! Here’s the beginning of the book. If you want to read more, go to http://www.entangledpublishing.com/divinely-ruined/ and read the whole first chapter for free!

Chapter 1

Angel Rule #1: Never lie to your assignment. From the moment Rebecca set out to become an angel, she’d known she wasn’t the ideal candidate. She cursed. She coveted. She thought highly uncharitable thoughts—and those uncharitable thoughts often led to losing her temper.

Just like she had this morning.

It wasn’t her fault. The assistant kitchen angel wouldn’t give her any apple pie. Rebecca would swear until she turned blue in the face that the wench deliberately skipped over her—and Rebecca really, really liked apple pie. But she’d made herself cool off, and even apologize…until the brat had stuck her tongue out.

That was when the hair-pulling had started.

Like that wretch would ever earn her wings, either. Hmph.

Rebecca rubbed at the bite-mark the stupid brat had left on her forearm, and leaned against a telephone pole. Across the street, a U-Haul truck sat before a modestly sized house. Boxes strewed across the sidewalk. A little girl sat on the steps, clutching a doll in her arms. Her eyes were grave, and her chestnut hair gleamed in the sunlight. She was beautiful, Rebecca thought. As beautiful as the child Rebecca would never have.

She pushed those thoughts away. Her training—a strenuous ten-hour daily lecture combined with good old hands-on experience—warned her against dwelling on her mortal life, or the personal sacrifices she’d made to answer a higher calling. She’d tried, especially after the Archangel of New Recruit Training, Her Holiness and Eminence Miss Sally of the Disapproving Stare, had held her back an extra year.

Most aspiring angels were allowed contact with humans after the mandatory twelve-month training program. It had taken Rebecca two and a half years of endless book studies and lectures on why slouching was bad for her shoulders before Sally even considered letting her accept a case on Earth—and now here she was.

She believed she just might be stalling.

No, there was no “might” about it. Rebecca tore herself from her pensive thoughts and looked away from the child. She wasn’t here for the girl.

She was here for one Anthony Richard Weis, single father of four-year-old Miranda and a man sorely in danger of losing his soul.

A gruff voice rumbled from inside the U-Haul, echoing throughout the cavernous space. Well. He had a mouth on him, didn’t he? The tips of Rebecca’s ears heated, but she lifted her chin, wiped her sweaty hands on her skirt, and crossed the street to the truck.

She could do this. All she had to do was make sure Anthony remained on sound moral footing. In the course of three years, Anthony had lost his job, his house, and the mother of his child—and would soon commit a murder. Her job consisted of stepping into his life and persuading him to take the higher ground.

Or in this case, not to kill anyone.

Easy enough, right?

Except that Rebecca had never really succeeded at much in life, unless there was an award for sucking the most. Her life before Sally had been a miserable failure. She couldn’t fail again. She had this situation under control, and she would succeed.

Why, then, was she so nervous?

Maybe because her entire life depended on this mission. Her future as an angel. A purpose that would finally make her life mean something. She couldn’t panic now.

She’d been chosen by God as one of the elite few humans given the opportunity to become an angel. A real, honest-to-goodness, ever-serene angel.

She just had to get Tony to believe in God, and in her. And work on that serenity thing. Then, maybe she’d be the person she’d always wanted to be. Maybe she’d no longer be a failure. Maybe she’d no longer be alone.

Maybe, just maybe…she’d finally be whole.

Thanks again, Damaris, for having me back! And thanks so much for stopping by, to all of you here visiting!

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Published April 26th 2012
By Entangled Publishing

She finally meets a decent man–after she’s oath-bound never to touch men again!

Rebecca’s life sucked before she became an angel. Crappy apartment, awful jobs, abusive boyfriends–it was no wonder she jumped at the chance to escape it all and become a real live angel. The problem is Rebecca’s not very angelic, and she’ll have to do more to earn her wings than end her love affair with the word f–er, frick.

Especially when she’s assigned to save single father Tony Weis, whose less-than-pure thoughts wreak hell on a telepathic angel’s nerves. It’s all Rebecca can do to keep her hands off him…but when she loses her memory injuring herself to save Tony’s daughter, now it’s Tony’s turn to be her angel and care for her. But will Tony’s devotion tempt her from her angelic path, even if it means being human again?


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