June 16, 2012

Epic Reads / Katy Perry / The Host!

This Saturday we'd like to share three pieces of news for you....

This week, HarperCollins has announced the launch of Epic Reads (now open to the public!). Epic Reads is an interactive site that will allow readers to connect with HarperTeen authors and books. On the site, there are three different subsections: Epic Reads (featuring all HaperTeen titles and authors); Pitch Dark (featuring dystopian and paranormal stories); and Story Crush (featuring contemporary fiction and romance). 

Users can sign into the site directly through Facebook or Google, upload art, photos and videos, and enter sweepstakes, polls or quizzes. There will be ongoing live chats with authors and moderated forums. 

In my opinion, HarperTeen is the leading publisher when it comes to knowing exactly how to get at their audience and include them in the conversation. Kudos to Harper! 

Will You Be A Member of Epic Reads?

Katy Perry will become the latest celebrity to be the star of a biographical comic book. The title of the comic book will be "Fame" and it will be published by Bluewater Productions. 

The comic book will focus on Katy Perry moving from California to Los Angeles and striking her first singing deals. 

Katy Perry will also be the subject of a 3-D concert documentary due to be released next month. 

Are You as Sick as I am With Celebrities Being in Comic Books? 

On Wednesday, Entertainment Weekly  released an exclusive interview with Jake Abel on his role as Ian in The Host by Stephanie Meyer. The Host is set to be released in theatres on March 29, 2013. 

Check out the entire article here: Entertainment Weekly; Jake Abel

Just a Few Pictures, and it Already Looks Amazing!


  1. Ooo - thanks for the Epic Reads link. I had heard about this but never got the chance to look into it. :)

    1. You're most definitely welcome! Thanks for following GCR :)

  2. I am so excited for The Host! And Maria, I agree with you about Harper!!!

  3. Yay! More undeniable evidence that The Host is coming to theater. Impatiently waiting!

  4. Thanks for the link. Just signed up :) I can't wait to see The Host. I completely agree with you about celebrities in comic books.It's getting old.

  5. It makes me so sad that people value pop stars lives so much that they're turning them into feature length movies. There was that Justin Beiber movie that came out a few years ago. Now Katy Perry? In 3D? Really?!

    I'm equally annoyed with pop stars being in comic books too. The artwork on the front cover looks really bad. For the buyer's sake, I hope it's not like that throughout the comic.


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