May 03, 2012

TQOTD - Are You a Book Addict?

So I'm packing up my house to get ready for a move, and it just seems like box after box after box is filled with books. Books that I loved in school, books that I've read over and over, books that I haven't even gotten to yet! I actually have more books than I do bookshelves! And you know the worst part....

I don't want to get rid of a single one.

Hi, my name is Maria, and I am a Book Addict.

Thursday's Question of the Day: Are you a book addict? At what exact moment did you realize it?



  1. I am definitely a book addict. I keep buying more and more books even though over half the books I own I still have to read! And like you I don't want to get rid of a single one. I don't know when I realized I was a book addict. Probably around the time I started running out of space to put all my books :P
    I just dread the day I move into my own house. I will be bringing every single book with me but how I'm going to move them all I don't know :P

  2. I really got back into reading in January 2011, but I didn't realize I was an addict until last summer when I had to buy a second... and then a third!... bookshelf to hold all my unread treasures. Yikes.

  3. Hi Maria :D
    Hi, I'm Alba and I'm a book addict too.
    lol I definitely don't know when exactly I started buying so many books :D I've always loved reading and bought books from time to time...but now...I'm completely addicted. I think the only fact that has kept me somehow sane is the fact that my country doesn't get many US YA releases, and my pocket and eyes might be thankful somehow but I still try my best to get more and more books...specially since they don't seem to want to stop coming...every week is another day I curse my local bookstore for not bringing all the awesome books that are out T_T

    And that's my for bookshelves...I don't even have a real one hehehe I want a wooden cute one but I still don't have it and the temp one doesn't have room anymore T_T

  4. Hi Maria, My name is Wanda and I too am a book addict. I was in the same boat Maria. When I moved back in December, I had more boxes of books than I did clothes. But like you, I didn't want to get rid of NONE of them. They are my babies!!

  5. I am a total book addict. I realized it when I was going to midnight releases for the Harry Potter series....a total goner!!

  6. Proud to be a book addict! I guess when people at the bookstore knew me by name, and they got used to me talking to books on the shelves. :P

  7. I am most definitely a book addict. If I go anywhere near a book store, I magically end up with new books. It's almost compulsive. They just call to my credit card. It's a problem...

  8. My name is Jaime and I am absolutely, 1 million percent, without a doubt a highly incredibly largely happy and pround book addict and I have known it my whole life. Books are my passion, my escape, they will be my gift to my children. Reading is the most amazing thing in the world and I am so thankful to my grandmother for reading to me when I was a wee one and teaching me letters, words and sentences when I was still totting around. So, I say YES, I am a book addict and always will be!


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