May 11, 2012

Review: Journeys Through the Unknown by Heather Beck

Paperback: 132 pages
Published: June 2011
Publisher: Treasure Cove Books

Enter the unknown... Heather Beck presents Journeys Through the Unknown, an anthology of supernatural adventures and unusual encounters. 
What an entertaining novel! I do think the title could be a little better, but hey, no one's perfect! The reason I actually am not a huge fan of the title is because I don't want you to think that this is a sci-fi novel. This is a book filled with short stories that are meant to scare you a little and go beyond what you would normally expect. is a little reminiscent of twilight-zone style story lines, but they work!

Here are my thoughts on the stories:

Gnome Genome
About a girl who shrinks down and gets trapped in a flower pot. Gnomes in the pot are forcing her to play games that will decide her fate. I loved the premise of this story and found the games to be so much fun to read. I loved ending of this story!

A Weird Twist of Fate
About a girl who finds her ancestor's diary in the attic. I loved the characters in the story - Judith is a strong-willed character who may even be to smart for her own good!

The Secret Oracle of an Egyptian King
About a father and son team who unearth a mummy's tomb in Egypt. This was probably my least favorite of the stories, but I still found it interesting. I think the reason I didn't like it as much is because it wasn't as unique as the others. A bit predictable.

Cold Territory
About a mountain climber who finds himself in a cave full of crystals and gems. This story definitely ventured more into the sci-fi/fantasy realm and I really appreciated the creative characters and beautiful setting.

Kingdom of Sugar
About a young boy's dream come true of a magical candyland turns into his worst nightmare. This type of story has been done before, but not in the way that Heather Beck has done. I loved it! We all have had our moments where our sweet tooth is all we can think about, and this story will make you think twice about that.

Overall, I thought these stories were creative, unique and had the most fun endings. After I'd finish one, I'd look forward to the next one. Heather Beck's writing style is fun, funny, and entertaining.

4 1/2 out of 5 stars

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  1. So the cover is pretty creepy. I've never been a scary story kind of girl but if they have fun endings how bad can they be. Thanks for sharing.


  2. This book sounds AWESOME! I LOVE the cover....creepy :D

  3. Sounds good..I love anthologies and the stories sound interesting. I like the cover..makes you wanna read the book!!!


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