May 01, 2012

Guest Post w/ Claire from Blood Chord Series

Why Being a Vampire Mom Rocks:
By Claire the Vampire Mom; star of the new book Kill Me.

1. Sleeping isn’t necessary. Let’s face it, there aren’t enough hours in the day and sleep is something we all crave. Imagine if you had eight extra hours to get everything done and still have time for that long bubble bath or novel you’ve been dying to start.

2. No need for anti-aging creams or plastic surgery. Getting older stinks. It’s even worse when it sneaks up on you. Vampirism is the ultimate stopper-of-time. It might not make you twenty again, but you will never look sixty either!

3. It’s economical. I’ve effectively cut my grocery bill in more than half, since my daughter has a nine-year-old’s appetite. That’s a savings of a few hundred dollars a month. More money for fabulous shoes!

4. No dieting, ever again. Wicked fast metabolism aside, I don’t crave those sinful foods anymore so the calories never add up and my jeans always fit oh-so perfect now.

5. Always healthy, never sidelined by illness. Before going through the change hardly a week went by when I didn’t have a headache, allergies, or something else that slowed me down. No more telling my daughter that our plans are postponed because “Mommy doesn’t feel good.”

6. There is enough time for it all. All those things I always wished that I had time to do, I’m doing without the fear of running out of time. Learning Italian. Mastering the art of cooking. I’m only limited by my imagination now.

7. Hear a pin-drop… or your teenage daughter trying to sneak out of her room. My daughter’s not old enough for all that yet, but I can foresee a time in the future where my heightened senses will come in handy. For now, I’ll stick to using them for more mundane tasks… like eavesdropping on my daughter while she’s on the phone with my Ex.

Kill Me Blurb

Three days ago, Claire was a wife, a mother, and very much alive… then the music called for her.

Claire has one goal for the conference— to land a few whales so that her boss will give her a badly needed raise. She pitches and prays while courting the music industry elite until her plans are derailed by hotness-in-high-heels.

Vampire Bette is at the conference to find someone with untapped supernatural talents that she can control. With her cursed violin, Bette draws Claire in with a song and as the first chord is played Claire’s life is unraveled, her new “talents” emerge and she’s attracted to two unlikely people— Bette and her hunky associate, Gregor.

Both can light Claire’s fire, but is either of them the only one?

Unfortunately for Claire, life isn’t all song lyrics and seduction. Tied to darkness by blood and power, Claire must harness her abilities if she has any hope of regaining her former life.

Claire Adams is the star of the newly-released paranormal novel Kill Me by Alex Owens. You can read more about her or the author, Alex on the following sites:

Kill Me on Amazon:

The Blood Chord Series website:
The publisher site:

Author Bio:

Alex Owens is a woman with little free time, which means she stays up all hours of the night putting pen to paper. By day she’s June Cleaver in jeans, and by night she writes. Somewhere in the middle of all that she finds time to tend ‘dem babies, fry up the bacon and curl up with a good book (or ten), much to the chagrin of her family.


  1. Thanks for featuring my book! Have a great day!

  2. lol!! I LOVE the first reason most of all!!!
    I'm all for no sleep!! XD more time to read!

  3. I absolutely love this book! Have to get it soon.


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