April 21, 2012

#TeamCandor - We're so close to freeing FOUR! #DivergentNation

GCReaders! *squee*

We're a little over 30,000 pre-orders for INSURGENT! For those who don't know yet, if we reach 35,000 pre-orders, HarperCollins will release a never before scene from DIVERGENT told in one of our favorite-sexy-kick-butt character's point of view, Four.

Haven't read Divergent by Veronica Roth yet? So... buy Divergent and pre-order Insurgent. It is worth EVERY PENNY! :-P

Read Divergent but you're not sure if you should pre-order Insurgent? Well, here are some reason why you should.

  1. It's 10x better than Divergent and I didn't think ANYTHING could top Divergent.
  2. From the very beginning to the very last page you will find yourself at the edge of your seat.
  3. You will feel like your riding on cloud nine while reading. Everything else around you will disappear and you will feel like you're inside the story with Four and Tris fighting to survive.
  4. YOU WILL NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT be able to put it down for one second. I am a fast reader and if you're anything like me, you can easily have this book read in less than six hours. Just ask Savannah @ BooksWithBite.net.
  5. Yes, it's that awesome! All this hype is FOR A REASON!
  6. You just need to pre-order it and get the INSURGENT effect. Then come back here and tell me how right I am. Because I know I am :-D.

So what are you waiting for? Pre-order Insurgent and help free FOUR!

Also, don't forget to check out our latest giveaway where you can win an iPAD2 or signed copies of both Divergent and Insurgent! We're celebrating our 2nd blogoversary with a #TeamCandor theme! Celebrate with us!


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  1. I already pre-ordered my copy of Insurgent! I read the first book in one sitting. It's really the sort of book you can't put down. I feel the second one will be the same. I hope we can free Four soon!


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