April 28, 2012

Review: The Whored's Prayer by Lucy V. Morgan (18+)

The Whored's Prayer

Expected publication: June 4th 2012
by Lyrical Press, Inc.

Book #2 in the WHORED series.

Branded. Backstabbed. Bloodthirsty.
Ready for one more kiss of the knife...?

There are nicer ax murderers than Joseph Merchant--or so he'd have his law protegees think. Maybe that's why lawyer-turned-escort Leila can't say no to him: she's got a thing for men with knives.

Joseph bought Leila's services for the whole of their New York business trip. The more they explore their darker desires, the more Joseph pushes for something other than their paid arrangement...and Charlotte, Leila's dirty secret and escort alter-ego, is helpless to resist. Now Leila has a shot at an amazing career, a boyfriend as twisted as she is, and for the first time, she starts to accept her submissive, polyamorous self.

But somebody knows more about her escort work than she bargained for--someone who's not afraid to abuse her secrets to get what they want. And if their blackmail succeeds, Leila will lose everything...

Warning: contains non-consent role play that will make you check your locks, and a girl who's sold more than her body to a man who'll take it all--and then some.

This is the second book following Chairman of the Whored. I recommend you read book one to understand the complexity of the story. I LOVED this book! Sexy and erotic, just the kind of thing to read before bed…

Leila is a lawyer by day and trying to get the job she has worked at the last 2 years to secure, but by night she is a whore trying to pay off her parent’s debt. In book one she gets hired by her boss Joseph and intern partner Matthew. Knowing it is a bad idea to sleep with both men, she does it anyways and is suddenly in a lost state of a bad a triangle.
Matt is in love with Leila and wants to fix her and all her problems, but can Leila be a normal girl and have a normal life with Matt? She tries but just after 2 weeks of dating, it all goes wrong. Traveling to NYC with everyone on her law team Joe decides to buy her for the week to be his whore.

Leila has wanted Joe for so long and even thought she knows it can never work with them and will always just be sex, she can’t help but still give in and submit to him. He does things to her like no other and he body can’t help but want more and more of what Joe gives. I loved the connection with them and felt so much like I was Leila with her tormented mind and soul. I want Joe as bad as she does, but I still hurt for Matt who continues to love her no matter what it does to his own heart!

Over time with Joe, Leila realizes that she is in love, but would Joe ever feel the same way? He who wants no commitment with anyone women and uses whores just so he can get what he wants and then send them on their way. Can she tame him and make him lover he back? And what about Matt will they ever get back the friendship she caused them to lose?

I loved the emotional pull of this book and connection between Leila and everyone around her. Written in first person from Leila’s point of view you really get to understand what is going on in her mind and see into her world. I loved the ups and downs of her life and her mind and loved how it all ended, even though I didn’t want the book to end!

This book was filled with jealous ex-lovers, bitter jealous business associates, a bit of blackmail and incredible dark erotic sex scenes…

5 of 5 stars!


  1. Wow! New book for me. Thanks for the review, excuse me while I dash off to add to my wishlist.

  2. Everything about this book sounds appealing. I love a good drama filled page turner. It's all about the characters!!!


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