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April 02, 2012

Divergent Nation: The Choosing Ceremony #TeamCandor!

Good Choice Reading has been put through the Choosing Ceremony. They have answered all questions in the aptitude test and have proven themselves to be members of Team Candor

Good Choice Reading is honest with everyone, no matter how much trouble it gets them into. They aren't easily offended and would rather hear the truth even if it hurts. They believe that if everyone could be honest and forthright with one another, the world would be a better place. As members of Team Candor, Good Choice Reading will become loyal followers of their Team Faction Leader, The Story Siren, as well as completely honest and loyal to their Faction Teammates. 

To prove their loyalty and profound excitement at being chosen as part of Team Candor, Good Choice Reading has changed their layout from now until the release of INSURGENT to prove their loyalty.

If you value the truth, and nothing but, then choose TEAM CANDOR! Click the following link and show your support!


  1. Very cool support of Candor! I followed the link for you.

  2. So confused... A couple other blogs are doing the faction thing too but different factions. When you click on the links, what's supposed to happen besides going to the book blurb/pre-buy thing? Or is that what supposed to happen?
    But I guess it's my own fault for being lost. I haven't read the series yet, so that's probably the most obvious reason as to why I'm so confused. :/


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